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The traffic during the weekdays is horrendous. People keep building houses which causes more construction on the roads and more people living in the area that backs up traffic.
Though I grew up in a neighborhood setting, I am not blind to the happenings of other areas throughout my city. I know that due to sense of disparity, there are individuals who may steal, lie, or cheat for money.

However, throughout the last several years, the number of welfare program and service agencies have exponentially grown. These groups strive to not only provide food and shelter to families, but also to put good people to work so that they can be independent and active members of society.

I myself have participated in amazing events such as food drives, clothes drives, and Habitat for Humanity buildings. These activities show those who are scared that people in the community want to help them, and decrease the prevelance of crimes.

As for the crimes that may still occur, the police force works with integrity and compassion to keep all citizens in my home safe.
I was raised in, and by, this town. For as long as I can remember I have had a strong group of family and friends around me. This town taught me the importance of working hard, and it also taught me the value of honesty and friendship. Within many towns of today's age, children can be left to fend for themselves and can become lost in the world. I was blessed, and I never felt alone in my town.

Currently several neighborhoods and parks are being built throughout the town to accommodate for the growing size of the schools. The educational system within the county has flourished so brilliantly that everyone wants to move to my hometown. I am proud to have been raised in this area.

If I was given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would not hesitate to choose my town over any other. In Canton, GA, every individual is accepted for who they are, and given the opportunity to do amazing things.
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The lastest crime was a six car-jacking spree about four months ago, but since then most of the cars where found and returned in one piece. Before that no real major crimes have occured asside from small misdemeanors that have little to no effect on the area.
The housing in this area is quite nice in terms of space, however, depending on where you choose to live, can make leaving your home to go somewhere difficult. The school system here is rated as one of the best in the nation. More houses are being built, and they are planning a total of 2000 new homes. Living is fairly safe the most recent incident being a few stolen cars about a four months ago; 5 out of the six where found and returned to there owners.
I live across the street from a couple policemen, so maybe I'm biased but you definitely see them out and about. I'm not too worried about crimes, although the heroin epidemic is very real. I'm more concerned to widening streets to accommodate new schools and neighborhoods and the subsequent increase in traffic.
I grew up in the city, so it's slower for me. There's definitely less traffic, but there's also less to do. It's a longer drive to get to stores and restaurants you like than it is in the city. You just have to venture out a little bit for entertainment.
Most of the time there isn't any crime. Of course, like every other city, there is the occasional crime that disrupts the community, but that hardly ever happens.
This city has become rather bland. The economy of the area has been going down, and the city itself is declining in overall beauty. But the city is still an exceptional place to live if you like to live in a rural area that isn't exactly rural.
The overall community of the area is great people tend to stay here most of there lives.
There are few major crime issues in my area. Though there are some issues that can be worked on, thankfully the police in the area are working on these problems.
The overall experience of the area I live in is about average to the rest of the country. I live near Atlanta but in this area there are more trees then most of this area.
The employment near where I live is not scarce in the least bit. I did not have a difficult time finding a job for myself in the least bit. It took me about 1 week to find three jobs that were willing to hire me. The people that I have conversed with about finding jobs in my community are also employed and found it easy to become that way. There are various jobs in retail, food, and landscaping that I have noticed around me.
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