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The things I like about my small town of Hollister would be. The views of the rolling hills, living in a quaint neighborhood with out a lot of loud surrounding noises. The hard parts about living in this town are finding jobs but you just have to apply quickly. The other few things are no affordable housing for single parents or new College students that can't afford expensive housing. Other than all that it's a nice town that is walking distance to stores and restaurants. And a good town to move to if you like the less chaotic life style.
Its a small town. One high school. One movie theater, one hospital. But a bunch of people. For a small town it's starting to get a little bit of traffic every now and then. Its a quiet little town, not allot of crime, atleast I don't think so.
Friendly environment... wide streets. Very mellow town with a homie feeling. Personally I would say it’s a great place to start a family or retire. Much slower pace than living in a big city. It’s starting to grow, meaning it might start getting more crowded.
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I have been living in Hollister for 14 years. growing up here was a really nice experience for me. Now as an adult I decided to build my family here as well. I love the town and the community!
I enjoyed the small-town feel of Hollister, when I first moved here in 2015. Neighbors speak to each other, and in this town, everybody knows everybody. It makes me feel at home. Since then, Hollister's population has increased immensely. I would like to see the construction of new houses slow down, though I feel as though there are not enough activities for the residents. I would rather there be new places to go than to have new houses.
Its a small town with little to do for activities, but the people are nice and everyone has a way of knowing each other so things are pretty calm. Great place to raise a family.
I was raised in Hollister and have lived here most of my life. It is a great small town to raise a family. The schools are are great no matter what district. The crime rate is very low in Hollister making it a safe place to live. The on downside to Hollister is the lack of night life. Most of the restaurants close before 10 pm. Hollister is starting to grow in size due to recent new housing communities and new strip malls that are being developed. These developments promise to bring in new stores not currently available as well as new restaurants. Hollister is a very diverse place to live and with the new housing developments this will only increase the diversity more. Unlike most place Hollister still has its small town charm due its annual holiday parades, county fair, and rodeo. It is only an hour away from the beach and mountains and two hours away from San Francisico.
This little town is very friendly, the community indeed helps each other.
When I used to live there the people were really nice which impressed me.
One time I was with my little sister and she lost a toy and 2 days later when we were passing by the house or area in which she lost it, was there in a house and that makes me really impressed.
But most of the people in there are seniors or people of third age which is a reason of why people in the town are how there are.
If you are planning to commute to the north, you will spend up to 4-1/2 hours on the road for San Jose; the two access "hwy's" in and out of Hollister are completely inadequate for the traffic. No jobs in Hollister. If you are Hispanic it is a very diverse town, even some signs are entirely in Spanish. Crime is high for a community this size. Gang recruiting goes on amongst the children.
Welcome to no-man's land, where there are just farms and poorly kept businesses all around downtown. I wouldn't live here if it weren't for the semi-affordable housing.
I love Hollister, but I wish that there were not so many new houses being built!!! Also, I think it would be cool if there were more Mama/Poppa shops and restaurants.
I was born in Santa Clara and immediately was brought here, lived here 15+ years here. I say Its pretty small no mall, or big lights. There are plenty of traditions and events. This helps the town become closer. People are very welcoming, I currently am in high school (junior year), all of my experiences through school seem to keep me on my toes. In other words, district systems have their routines. Overall I love this town, some of my family members want to move and explore other towns because of their perspectives on this town. I personally would say I actually kinda like living here. Although housing and prices are pretty expensive for what you get. Hope this helps for those who plan to travel or live here. You are welcome here.
I love Hollister. It is a very small town, but it is growing rapidly. It has a small town feel and I am excited to have my 8-week old daughter grow up in the same town her parents have. There are a few ways to get into Hollister, but they are all one lane. The roads are bad and since there is a lot of people moving to Hollister from Silicon Valley the commute is horrible. The only thing I would change is the one lane roads.
It can be nice, the commute to San Jose is about an hour, and we are near San Juan Bautista and Pinnacles Monument, with only a few hour drive we can go from the sea to the snow. However, one thing about Hollister is that they are building a lot of lovely, new housing communities, which is great, however, the local government is not increasing the infrastructure or amenities of the town, making it feel like a large housing development without feeling like a town.
Hollister is small town with about 7 elementary school, 2 middle school, and 1 high school. That being said the people in town are very friendly and everyone seems to have a relationship with each other in someway. It is a great environment for people over the age of 30 and under the age of 14, however the available activities are very limit for those that range in the 15-20 age range. The most popular spot in town is our local Target which serves as a mall, grocery store, and hangout spot all in one. One hour drive can take you to Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Jose (with normal traffic flow).
I'd like to see more change and attention to the current housing market. The housing in the area is booming in a bad way. They are turning the small town with a lot of heart into a city like any other. We pride ourselves on being the home of the hardworking farmers and not scared to get thier hands dirty.
I have lived here my entire life and I have few complaints. It has a been a great place to grow up but I am eager to move away. It has a small town feel which is good but also lacks diversity. They are expanding Hollisterby adding hundreds and hundreds of new homes which Is causing an extreme rapid increase in traffic. There's only one rad to leave town and one road to enter town so the increase in commuters is immeadiatley noticeable.
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Hollister is a small community that has local residents that own agriculture businesses and are always willing to donate to the community to raise money for events.
This small town may not mean much to some but it means a whole bunch to me, this town represents community and coming together whereas in a big city you are cut off from having one one one conversations with neighbors and even people around you that you otherwise didn't know until you two hit off with a conversation. This town is safe and many are very happy to help!!
I love that Hollister is such a small farming town. Its a great town to grow up in and raise a family.
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