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There is a severe lack of morals and open mindedness. Almost everybody here is either racist or homophobic. Even the teachers have participated in that field. As a nonbinary bisexual, I do not feel safe here and I am planning to move as soon as possible. The education here is poor and the students almost have to teach theirselves. I wish many others and I could have lived a better life here.
Hollis is a very small, rural town with one stop light. Hollis used to be a bustling town with a couple of businesses and now there is only a handful. Trying to find a job here is relatively hard, so most people work out of town. The drug problem here continues to worsen and the local police are biased towards certain individuals.
I have lived in Hollis, Oklahoma for as long as I can remember. It is a quiet town, but a good place to live in. It has given me plenty of opportunities to explore career options, and college options. I have had numerous amount of help from teachers and staff in order to decide what my next step in life will be after high school. I have made countless friends along the way throughout each year that I have lived here. I am grateful to have been a part of this town growing up and looking back at all my wonderful memories.
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The town is very small and it doesn't take long for you to know half the town. Friendly people, but a bad school system.
Hollis, Oklahoma is a small rural community; so small that if you blink you could miss it! Being a small community isn't always a horrible thing to come by. One advantage of being a small town is that we are very welcoming. Hollis is a homey place to be. We support our kids in whatever they participant in. Whether it be band, sports, or FFA our community finds any way to support them. However, every town has their downside. Drugs are every you go these days and unfortunately have reached Hollis. I would like for law enforcements to crack down on all the drug houses and users. These kids need something to be hopeful for and drugs just puts a damper on their hopes to become something more.
I like that it is a close knit town where a lot of people know everyone else. Whether you really know someone or not you can expect to strike up a conversation with most people. What I'd like to see change is the downtown portion of Hollis, I want it to be as lively as my grandad and dad described it to me.
A very dry area however recently there has been many thunderstorms and occasional flooding.
It is okay i guess but everybody is leaving so this town may be a ghost town some time soon.
Nobody really visits other than to support family members that live here.
There is no public transportation because this is a very small town.
Not much in this area to do and most restaurants are closed relatively early.
The employers are great and friendly however there is not many oppurtunities.
It is just a small town with very little variety of stores.
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