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Holland has a lot of neat shops and boutiques in the downtown area. There are also other areas for shopping and eating. The beaches here are lovely and a lot of people look forward to celebrating the Tulip Time Festival.
I like holland. It is a small town, with a wonderful beach. While there are not that many things to do in the winter, there are lots of activities in the warmer months. There are often fun things downtown. Also, the music opportunities are great to attend.
We have beautiful beach fronts and a quaint downtown area. When I'm away from Holland, I always find myself missing it. I see more development in Holland's future as it continues to grow into a bigger, bustling city.
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Growing up here definitely made it difficult to understand why people are untrustworthy with their possessions. When I aged, I came to the conclusion that I was extremely fortunate to never have to deal with the uncertainty of certain areas. Emergency units are quick to respond if there ever was a serious incident, as rare as they are here. And the hospitals in the area, Holland Hospital, are among the most cutting edge in the nation!
Holland, Michigan, rated 2010's third happiest city, is a great place to live! The area itself has been on a steady rise, economically and culturally. As time goes on, the diversity is growing, and cultural acceptance follows. From the beach, to Tulip Time, to Christmas plays, to high school football, there is never a dull moment in this town. Even coming from a kid who's family didn't engage in those activities, it wasn't hard for me to independently get there. Hollanders and Zealanders are some of the nicest, gentle people you will ever meet. It has the quaint feel of a small town, with the population of a minor city, and the rich history of Dutch immigrants. Just watch out, there's always construction on some main street downtown!
its ok because there is a good amount of crime safety
i think it is great because it is a peaceful neighborhood
The area is extremely safe. You never have to worry about your belongings or your own safety.
Overall, it is a beautiful area to live, you are close to the beach and many stores, schools, etc. The neighborhood is wonderful.
I could see my future here but, I not one who wants to stick around here longer then i need to.
It is a nice clean subdivsion
It is a family friendly community.
I feel very safe in my community.
Holland is a great place to live.
The two sides of town are two sides of a coin basically. One side is predominantly white upper middle class who are tight knit and look down on the other side which are the Mexican and Black people who range from middle to lower class resulting in some gang related crime and drug sales. If you keep to the nice side of town you're basically gold though.
I enjoy the town I live in because of the closeness and camaraderie of everyone knowing everyone. But because of the mainly white, conservative views of the population I feel extremely out of place because of my lack of a religious faith or upbringing. There is very little violent crime but the school I attended was essentially the "white" school while across in Holland was West Ottawa which was much larger and culturally diverse. Overall it's a decent place to live though if you want a small town family oriented place to live.
The houses on the market don't stay very long. It has been difficult to find what we want in our price range. Houses here are either marked too high because no one wants to sell and too few houses or they are so gross no one wants to buy them.
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Life here is difficult; the upper crust is very clicky and not nice at all. I tried to get through it, but when my son graduates, hubby and I will probably look at other communities along the lake shore. It has not been a very pleasant experience.
We've not had any issues where we live, however, in other areas of Holland there has been vandalism and graffiti.
I enjoy the area; there are biking trails and wonderful beaches on Lake Michigan. But the locals are very clicky and don't like outsiders. It makes it difficult to want to "belong" and the type of Christianity that is taught is very judgemental and unloving.
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