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I really love Holbrook, its small so you know everyone you see and you can count on those people since you see them so much. Also, it has multiple industries and great pizza places. Overall, the community is what makes this small town great. The only thing I would change is that I wish it had a grocery store.
Good place to live also is near to the city of Boston and is very easy to take the Transportation
I’m very happy to be a hoolbrok resident
Holbrook is very small with barely any activities to do. There's no grocery store but plenty of pizza shops. As a teen, the only good thing is there a mall nearby and movies theaters so Holbrook is kinda in the middle of everything.
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I have lived in Holbrook my whole life, and there really isn't much to do here. The people of Holbrook are generally friendly, but that is about it. There isn't anything to do in Holbrook; there are no movie theaters, no malls, no youth centers, or restaurants. We don't even have a grocery store. We do have about 5 different pizza places, and even more places of worship. One good thing about Holbrook is that it is in the middle of 6 other towns, so no matter where you're going you will usually only be about a 15 minute drive away.
I have lived in Holbrook for my entire life, built some wonderful friendships and had a wonderful experience in my years at Holbrook High. Everyone is family in Holbrook and I feel so lucky to have grown up in the small town, close atmosphere.
Holbrook is a small friendly town Positive and eager to meet everyone’s needs. Would like to change the fact there is no supermarket in town.
I love my little town of Holbrook. I lived in Holbrook from when I was born until I was 15. My dad passed away and my mom couldn't take care of the house, so we moved to a condo the next town over. But last October, my mom, my brother, and I decided we wanted to move back to Holbrook. We missed the friendliness of everyone, and we also have family that live there. Even though I want to live away at college, the schools I have applied to are in commuting distance to Holbrook.
Holbrook is a very small and quiet town. It is the kind of town where everyone learns your name and knows who you are, especially if you attended school within the town.
Nice small town that's close to Boston. Safe and relatively affordable. School district just got revamped and looks promising.
Holbrook is the best kept secret on the South Shore. Small town only 16 miles South of Boston. Everyone knows everyone. Two Dublin Donuts And 9 pizza shops! Schools are ok, but hopefully will improve now that wechaveca brand neecschool opening this September! Public transportation is decent. Bus will take you to the subway. Very accessible!
My specific neighborhood in Holbrook is lovely. Quiet, tree lined streets with neighbors who say hello. The town is trying to make the area better but with a limited tax base, it's hard to make do with so little. We recently built a new school which has raised taxes but I think if you don't invest in the future, long term prospects are dim.

Holbrook has a secret town forest which is something very special. Unfortunately, it seems that a developer is petitioning to change the zoning by-laws to create one of those mid rise "communities" immediately next to the forest. I think it's a very short sighted move by the town and will reflect poorly. Very unfortunate decision by the town to do this.

One thing folks complain about is the lack of a grocery store. That being said, there are numerous grocery stores within a ten minute drive from my home.

Holbrook isn't the nicest town on the south shore but I do see it's value prop and I would buy here again.
I like it's a small town. I wish it wasn't too hard to get to highway. I hope they get a grocery store in the old stop and shop
Holbrook is a small quiet town with not much to do but is convenient to busy neighboring towns. Its a great place to raise children and has a great school system. There is public transportation so your not left feeling stuck if you don't drive. Its quiet safe and beautiful
This has been very user friendly. Easy account set up. I am excited to see what kinds of scholarship opportunities are available.
The area in which I live in is slowly but surely becoming a wreck. Crime rate is going up, as well as the cost of living after a vote passed to build a new high school in my town. I rarely spend time within my town as it is very small with around 10,000 citizens and only a few restaurants. The only lake in Holbrook is heavily polluted and needs to be restored. Currently, the only access to food is small sub shops and Burger King. This town doesn't offer much for entertainment either. The only entertainment is a small park in the center of town. Other than that, my area doesn't have to much going for it.
Nice, quaint place to live.
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