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Hobart is cliquey for such a low income area. The people are trashy. Also, don’t complain about the city to elected officials, or they’ll turn on you.
I would like to see more uniform buildings that aren't as obnoxious in placement; I want the town center to be more uniform. I have enjoyed living close to Chicago without having to pay Illinois taxes.
There is a nice community in Hobart. I feel safe in Hobart and there are a lot of familiar faces. School City of Hobart is very active in the community and shows a lot of pride.
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What I like about Hobart is that it's a nice quiet town but what I would like for it to change that they have more events for all ages
Hobart was a very family friendly town and everybody knew everyone so you go to experience it all with your community. Always a ton of festivities going on by the lake and people looking forward to Fall Friday Nights for the football games.
Hobart has been a great place to grow up. The school systems are great and the town is generally very safe. There are plenty of cute places to walk around and spend a Friday night, including the historical downtown area.
Hobart is a very diverse city. Within the city itself there are multiple activities as well as groups that families could join to make one feel welcome and a part of the community. While the community itself is growing, the city works hard to maintain a small town feel.
I have lived in Hobart for almost my entire life, and as I got older the more and more change I saw. They have split schools, and made kids go to different sides of town. They built a brand new high school, yet failed to include a swimming pool. And they are constantly using money to reconstruct the down town area.
It's a pretty peaceful little town however a car is required to move from place to place unless you live downtown. and it is a hard place for creative types to improve.
Hobart is known as the Friendly City what more is to say it’s a wonderful place to live a great place for families in the summer there is sooo much to do the city is diverse and well kept as well as entertainment not to mention the lake George is perfect for fishing/walking/etc many places to eat and things to do very enjoyable
Great small town, lots of restaurants and shopping, family oriented, amazing school system! I am glad I chose to move here to this amazing town
The city is revamping the lake front and more festivals are popping up nearly year round. The community is more active these recent years.
Very nice neighborhood, people are very helpful and friendly. A great neighborhood to raise a family.
I love the area. The houses are nice and the neighborhoods are clean and safe for children. Definitely a great place for families.
I grocery shop, most local restaurants are in Hobart. My child played sports in Hobart which were more competitive than our local town.
I love the schools in this neighborhood and the summer programs for the children. During the summer there is a market in the park and also a movie shown during the night. That is a great family activity and I love the restaurant LA Que. Living in Hobart there is always something to do for a family and the surrounding cities are great. We love going to Gary Indiana beaches when the weather is nice.
We like the town with it's lake and quaint downtown. It's mostly quiet other than some fireworks. The bike trails are great too.
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Hobart is a very pleasant community. It's not that far from major cities like Merrillville and Chicago. Shopping is convenient and you get the best of both worlds when it come to food (Chicago has great food). What would be nice to see is a friendlier atmosphere. For example, people should always greet one another with a hello or a simple wave while crossing paths. This city also has a lot of room for growth, like larger businesses.
I live here in Hobart while I go to school at Indiana University Northwest. Very clean little town with lots of little shops.
I like Hobart because of Lake George, to be to just outside, a short drive just to go fishing. I also like all the festivals they have.
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