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I personally believe that Hiram is a fantastic place to live. There are many stores and restaurants near by for your convenience. There are a lot of community wide activities that take place such as firework shows, a Christmas tree lighting, trick or treating within the stores, and so much more. I would say that Hiram is a very family oriented city and the schools around the area are phenomenal. Moving to the Hiram area is definitely a good decision if you want to be involved with your community and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Hiram is kind of country, but really progressing in relation to diversity and inclusion. Lots of different places to shop and eat at. Overall developing and has more traffic than a few years ago, but still very southern.
I have lived in Hiram for 18 years. I attended public school throughout my childhood and enjoyed each school as I progressed in my education. The city high school is diverse and offers amazing teachers. There is an old downtown section to explore as well as a modern strip filled with various shopping areas and restaurants. Night life, such as bars and clubs, are very few, perfect for those looking to settle down. Residents have multiple churches to choose from as well.
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I really like how full this small area feels. The variety of different types of stores and restaurants in the area means there's always something to do or somewhere to shop or eat. Most everything feels like it is within walking distance to everything else and I like that.
Hiram, Georgia is a suburb of Atlanta. About 45 minutes to an hour commute to the heart of the city. Hiram provides a relaxed atmosphere, while still being close to shopping, restaurants, family friendly activities like bowling, skating, Six Flags, and several state parks and access to the Silver Comet trail. Friendly and safe environment boasts a healthy real estate market and healthy living.
Hiram is very quiet and with not a lot going on at all. The crime seems to be relatively low and the people for the most part are friendly. You get the small hometown feel not too far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's only about 30 miles to downtown Atlanta so you get to experience the best of both worlds with relative ease.
Hiram, Georgia has been my home for over two/thirds of my life now, and I cant say I really have any regrets. At the time we moved here, it was a quiet little town on the outskirts of Atlanta. Little did we know Paulding County (Hiram included) would become one of the fastest growing counties int he country at the time. As with most southern suburbs, the cheap commercialism of the local Dunkin Donuts has little charm or character, but its maintained a safe, well off place to learn and grow.
I've lived here all of my live and love it! The crime is low, the people are friendly and it has the small hometown feel. Hiram is a great place to grow up as well as raise a family. It's only 30 miles from Atlanta so you have all of the big city amenities within a few minutes drive.
My experience in Hiram is wonderful. The town us begin to grow more with the adding of differ stores, restaurants, and housing developments
It is very expensive to buy and rent a house. School is average although there are more exciting days then others sometimes.
Hiram is a very family friendly town that is close to the city, but also has a small town vibe. It has a nice shopping area and is close to the downtown scene of Marietta and Douglasville and has easy access to the malls and shopping centers in those areas. The restaurant scene is commercial, but there are a lot of options.
There was a lot to do, shopping and restaurants and movies. However some of the neighborhoods were a little rough so there was a good bit of crime.
Hiram is quiet and not a lot going on. Literally no crime have owned a home since 2011 and have left our garage open all weekend while out of town, packages left on doorstep for days and no one even considered stealing it. My neighbors are the best they will usually call or knock or your door if they see something not right. I love it and and the homes are very low and newer not the old 1800 homes. Our home was built from the ground up in 2008 we bought it in 2011 and it was practically new. Schools are decent too!
I liked the access to various stores, restaurants, and services while still being able to drive five minutes away to find local pastures and open spaces. However, sometimes there is a lot of traffic.
Living in Hiram as an African-American is defiantly an experience. Meaning that people can treat you differently just because of your skin color. Other than that the this city is quiet and calm.
very quiet, no crime, good schools, friendly neighbors, i have lived in Hiram for 2 years and have not had any problems. it is a very small family oriented town good place to raise kids, not too far from Atlanta but far enough to not be affected by the big city crime.
Nice town with great school system. Nice restaurants to choose from. Plenty of activities for families including skating, bowling and arcades.
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Hiram is the city for new beginnings for rebuilding a new future for me and my family as a single mother. I've lived here for over 5 years, and work here now as well.

Hiram is a city suburb that is building up and attracting new people because of it's cost of living, diversity, and location. It's about 30 minutes from the city of Atlanta and other nearby popular towns. It has several restaurants, theater, hospital affiliations, health centers, park recreations with walking trails, shopping centers, schools and work out facilities, etc. A nice place to settle your family.
Great place to raise a family and the area is rapidly growing. There are many businesses springing up and new homes. The people are pretty friendly and you get your occasional arse as in any area.
Hiram is where I was born and raised so it has a special place in my heart. People are good country people who are friendly and kind to most everyone. I love the small town feel of Hiram and would raise a family there if they had better educational advantages. I think the school systems could us a little work, but still not bad schools. All of my teachers were wonderful and loved their job, but were not given the opportunity to really be creative with their teaching. Overall I do like Hiram and would recommend it to people who have a family and want that friendly neighborhood to live in.
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