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Hillsboro is a growing city, but still holds true to it's small town roots. Even though it is growing, the town does not have as many issues as some of the surrounding communities. Best of all we are only minutes away from South St. Louis County. Unfortunately, the town does lack entertainment for the youth of the community. Hillsboro does have several non-fast food and fast food dining establishments. These provide excellent employment opportunities for the local youth.
I have lived in hillsboro my whole life. It is an amazing place to raise a family. Has that small town feel but still close to the day to day needs.
The town of Hillsboro is a great place to live due to the low crimes that are committed. I have live in this town for more than five years and yet had any sort of problems.
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Hillsboro is a very safe town to live in with that small town feel. I love living there. The school district is above average and the teachers seem genuinely concerned with there students. I love the fact that it is like country living but very close to city amenities. Jefferson Community College is located in Hillsboro and offers a great education at a very low cost.
Great place to live, lots of land. There aren't too many fast food options, but there are a couple good restaurants in town. Great community college, decent public schools.
Hillsboro is a small town. Lots of pros and cons come along with that. Especially within each age group there is a certain feeling of family and togetherness no matter what happens in the town. Often I feel out of place here because of my beliefs and my fascination with cities, but that's just me personally.
There is nothing I would like to change at the current moment because I am a new user. The process seems easy for now and not too hard to complete.
There is not very much crime in the area. The only things to worry about are mainly in the trailer areas of town where some break ins happen. There are some drug uses in the area also. The police respond very quickly to any emergency and I personally have not had to worry about them not doing their job. Safety wise you don't have to worry about being mugged or anything of the sort.
If I had to choose whether or not to live here again, I would. I can honestly say that living here has made me who I am today and given me very many opportunities. Compared to the rest of the country, yes, it may be a small town to some and not have very much, but it has a lot to offer. In the future I see this place growing and becoming more populated, considering it has a community college that keeps growing every year.
Snow removal is good in town. Outside of town it's hit and miss.
We need more right turn lanes. We have 2 right now.
Alot of drugs in my county.
We have about 2 fairs a year.
We either have very big houses in gated communities, or very small houses on lots of land.
Very standard here. Nothing changes.
My town is the county seat, so there is not much retail at all.
Not alot of variety. Mostly fast food.
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Most jobs are legal jobs or jobs teaching school.
Parks are kept nice. Alot of woods and lakes/ponds.
Rural. People keep to themselves.
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