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There is no noise ordinance in Harris County so some low lifes play their stupid loud music as late as 3 am in the morning. Dont bother contacting Highlands PD as they do nothing. You just have to accept it. Lots of sleepless nights here. They have no concept of respect or decency and little to no regard to neighbors. Lived here 3 years and wish every day I would have moved ANYWHERE else. The trash on Battlebell are the worst! Planning to move. Do not move here!
Highlands is a very rural area with little progress in terms of jobs, property, appeal. I've lived here for 3 years and am tired of traffic on I10 and smell of factories.
I have lived here for the past 5/6 years. I enjoy where I live, I feel like I am apart of a small community. My commute to anywhere is very short, I feel like I am in the center of everything.
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Is a normal community but is being rebuilt with new house and expanding so even tho is average now i expected to become excellent in the near future so coming here would be a great investment
I love my small town. I work at a local restaurant on our main street and always see familiar faces. Everybody knows everybody. It may be a little beat up, but it'll always be home to me.
Peaceful, safe, economical are the essential reasons that I choose a community. This town was just that when I moved here 51 years ago. While growing pains have had their effect, the community as a whole still fills those requirements. The proximity of the community to all essential services with having to pay a housing fee is like not having an income tax. One word defines it, "GREAT".
We just moved here. I cant find a job close by which kinda stinks. I wish there was more food around too. Its very friendly and safe though.
The small town feel of the community is wonderful. I used to work at the local pizza place and I loved being able to recognize the regulars, and start up conversation. The issue lies in the high levels of crime in the area. A lot of the areas are dirty, and many of the residents are avid drug users. The town is right next to the San Jacinto river, which currently has barrels of toxic waste in it, polluting our land and our waters. My family had a government official tell us that it wouldn't be safe to plant and eat any fruits or vegetables here because of the contamination. The town has a lot of sweet people, but it is definitely not the safest place, and the government refuses to do anything to clean up the mess.
Everyone is friendly. Houses are nice just old and may need remodeling. Children are nice and lots of parks and trails for the family. Plenty of restaurants around to choose from. Just beware that neighbors are nosy and gossip!
Everyone I know has lived here for 20+ years.
Like every other area there is crime but its not to the point where I feel I should move.
I love the people, the schools are amazing and the crime rates are low.
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