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It is a very nice and safe neighborhood, however it living in Highland Park is like living in a bubble. Slim amount of diversity, filled with privilege you are almost unexposed to the real world in some cases, I have some friends who are completely closed-minded on those with less advantage as we have.
Highland Park has been a great town to grow up in. I have been fortunate to feel safe throughout my childhood and have gone to great schools with caring teachers. I have grown up with great friends and enjoyed many activities, sports, and programs that Highland Park has to offer.
Safe area to grow up, family-friendly, and good public schools. However, it is an affluent area with little diversity.
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Affluent suburban city- beautiful!! Safe, lots of restaurants, parks, beaches, easy commute to Chicago by train or car.
I love how it is a safe community, but some of the people who live here are not the nicest/are focused on popularity.
Very economically divided based on where you live within the city, and these tensions easily trickle down to children who will reflect the material beliefs of their parents. The community is set in a single mindset, and is often sheltered in a sense from global troubles.
I like that there are many opportunities at Highland Park high school. At HPHS there are many resources you can use. Everyone is friendly and nice. It is not super hard to find a job if you are a teen.
Highland park is a safe place to live for the most part and there is a couple of fun activities to do around town. It has a variety of stores and restaurants to go with friends and family.
Highland Park is a great community!! HP is very family orientated and a beautiful area to live in. Highland Park is right on Lake Michigan and the beaches here are fantastic!! The downtown area has many shops and restaurants and is a great place to hang out. Highland Park is also right by the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Ravinia is a summer tradition here whether its in the pavilion or in our backyards you can hear the concerts everywhere.
Highland Park is a nice place to live. The people are friendly and Highland Park High School is a great school. It is pretty expensive to live here, though.
Highland Park, H.P. for short, is a quiet, friendly, and small neighborhood. The schools are very good educationally and athletically. Little crime happens in HP. There are a lot of local small business' that employ locally, thus supporting its neighborhood and it people. Although since many places are locally owned they do get a little expensive, versus The only concern one should have is the lack of diversity, in my opinion about if not more than 60% of the non-white students that go to the High School, are not members of the Highland park community but the Highwood & Fort Sheridan Community.
I enjoyed how safe the town is, even at night. I would like to see more night life, however. Overall the safety and friendliness of the town, in addition to the great restaurants and businesses make it a great place to live, and the schools are very good as well.
Highland Park has so much to offer Families and Empty Nesters. With Rapid access to the City, a town with a lot of restaurants, stores, cafe's, salons, nail joints, and more, its like living in a large city but with the warmth of a small town. For us almost empty nester's, its a walkers paradise with great parks, dog parks, and great sidewalks, we can walk anywhere and still have a quiet, peaceful home. We have only been here for two years from New York, but its an amazing, friendly place with easy access to Chicago.
Lots of things to do which is very nice, also its right by the lake! Sadly a lot of the restaurants close around 9 which is not always the best. However it's close to the city, it takes 1 hour to get there by train.
The people here are so wealthy and yet so miserable. No bars or restaurants open past 9pm. This is a good place for people with young children.
Growing up I didn't really like living in Highland Park. But looking back on my experiences now, I can really see how great of a town and community HP is. Our public schools are incredible and I learned more in high school than I did my first year of college. We also have beautiful beaches and nature preserves, with Chicago just down the road. If you are looking for a safe, affluent neighborhood, Highland Park is for you.
I really like the amount of things to do such as music festivals, sports games, and the tight community that we have.
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I personally love Highland Park. The community has a high Jewish population, is very affluent, and is very liberal. Lots of people dislike Highland Park, however, due to the rudeness of some of the citizens. Despite this, I have had a very positive experience in HP.
I went to visit while I was in the Chicago area, I loved the family atmosphere and how quiet and calm it was, especially compared to Chicago. All the people i met were extremely warm and kind to me and my family, I enjoyed how safe it felt being here the entire time, I would love to one day live here.
Highland Park is a great town with an amazing beach front. It has a strong downtown area and is not to far away from downtown Chicago or Evanston. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from but parking is a hassle. School systems are one of the best and will their your child with a great education.
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