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My fiancé and I just recently bought a house in hickman. We love it. Our neighbors are all very friendly it’s close enough to Lincoln where we can be in south Lincoln in minutes. We love living a little outside the big city and being able to know our neighbors by name.
Hickman is a small town outside of Lincoln. It's growing everyday with new houses and businesses. I think it was a great idea for them to tear down the old U stop and put in a new one that has a market in it. I love how this town is family friendly by having parks and a community center.
I love my town, Hickman! We are about 10 minutes away from my school district, Norris. I have lived here since I was in 5th grade and I have never wanted to live anywhere else through my childhood years. Although I love Hickman, it is slowly growing into a bigger town which I don't like because I enjoy my small town community.
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I loved the town. Small enough to feel secluded, big enough to have multiple successful businesses. Every business is an easy walking distance. The people are helpful and friendly. Overall, a wonderful place to be.
We don't have crime often.
Small town living is what I like.
The towns here are mainly fun for people over 21, that can drink. Under 21 we don't really have much and have to travel into town to get good restaurants or even fast food. We only have 2 main food places in my town, subway and east meets west.
I work in a different town but my mom works here and while it is stressful at times she likes it overall
Too close to large city of Lincoln, our town is mainly just residential with a small downtown with a post office, bar, and city office with two mechanics.
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