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A very small town, though had to pay to go to the middle school right across the street from the apartments in Hi-Nella. Scenery is beautiful and has conscientious residents.
Hi-Nella is a small town in New Jersey. The neighbors are extremely nice and friendly. The town events of pumpkin carving, 4th of July celebrations, Christmas tree decorating, and more allow the community to interact with one another in a fun way. You can always feel safe in Hi Nella. Hi Nella is close to many larger towns and is about twenty minutes away from Philadelphia. Hi Nella is a short one hour drive to New Jersey beaches, and there is always something nearby to do. Hi Nella children go to the Stratford and Sterling High School districts. This helps children learn to succeed in life. Overall, Hi Nella is a great place to live.
In my town specifically, most homes are very well-maintained on the outside and-from what I've seen-on the inside as well. The town's maintenance staff does a good job of mowing lawns and trimming trees and bushes, and the residents are good about not littering and maintaining their own private property.
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This isn't really the outdoors area. There aren't a lot of nature trails or woods or wildlife. There are some parks, mostly for children though. Not the kind of wide-open-space parks.
I like my home and my town in terms of living. It's a nice little town full of nice people. In terms of excitement, well there isn't really much. Sure, it'd be exciting to live in the city or somewhere else, but this place feels like home to me, and I like that feeling. When I move out of my parents house, I might live in the city for a little bit, but eventually I hope to end up in a homey neighborhood like mine.
This area does not have many attractions. I live in a small town surrounded by small towns. There are great restaurants around, and the beach is only an hour away, but the area itself is just your typical setting of family neighborhoods, high schools, restaurants, and shopping malls.
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