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Hesperia isn't the most eventful place. There are definitely times where it is not the safest town, but it is also not always very fun. For example, the usual hang out spots are either the movies or mall. There aren't many other options, and you have to travel a while to do much else. I have met a lot of good people in the area however, so not everything is negative.
I like how Hesperia is a small city and that it is away from the big city. I also like how the schools and other things are close by. Another thing I like is how the yards are big with friendly neighbors.
Hesperia is a good city because it isn't too populated. It's a calm city. The only bad things are that it's always windy and cold and there isn't a lot to do. There's not enough activities for kids or teenagers. They have a decent amount of stores and restaurants.
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I enjoy living in hesperia. People around here are extremely nice and it is such a quiet, calm place to live in. It is also affordable, which is very important.
Although I live in Victorville ( a neighboring city), I spend most of my time in Hesperia. The community makes its presence noticeable whether it be in schools, churches, or in family own businesses. The Hesperia Community is active and ready to help.
You can understand a lot about the neighbors of Hesperia by the the condition of where they live: homes with watered lawns and security protected gates live directly next to tiny apartment-like homes surrounded by nothing other than dirt. The atmosphere I get from this city is isolation where the people around you are separated from each other by large swaths of land. At night, it can get so dark that you might as well be living on Mars millions of miles away. As a benefit of this, you can't help but feel safe yet other wise lonely if you do not intentionally seek out human interaction. Avid use of exploration is required to keep a sane mind in this town. Places I regularly explore are the Hesperia Lake Park and Hesperia Civic Plaza Park as they are still very in touch with nature and beauty despite being surrounded by arid desert land, with the latter having a well-designed library for people who want to use the power of this cities loneliness for peace and quiet while studying.
It's growing, plus they are fixing the streets, but many areas still do not have sidewalks. There are hardly any activities to stay productive.
I grew up in Hesperia. It is a desert town that has grown a lot in recent years. It has all the amenities that you would need (movie theaters, restaurants, mall), but it can feel like living in a bubble sometimes. Housing is very affordable, especially compared to most of Southern California.
Hesperia is a desolate town and is filled with many rude and lazy people. There is always trash and mattresses on the street that code enforcement refuses to acknowledge even through it's so in your face. We do have clean up day events, but a group of 10 people can only clean up so much of the desert.
I've been living in Hesperia for about almost 10 years. I started elementary, middle school, and am finishing high school here. I love my town, we have our own mall and cute shopping centers. Even though my town is kind of small and no one knows where it's at, unless you say Victorville or Barstow, I like it. It's a quite but sometimes lively town. My town's mayor is my principal and I think it's really cool because he's a cool guy and a true face to show everyone what Hesperia's about. I also really like where my town is located. It's next to the mountains so the sky looks beautiful especially sunsets.
The town of Hesperia is a nice place to live simply because it is near all the shopping centers. One doesn't have to travel too far to visit the nearest grocery store, shopping center, or restaurant. Los Angeles, the beach, and other recreational areas are not too long of a commute. Though I enjoy living here for these reasons, things in the desert have been getting poorer the last few years. Crime is increasing and it is getting more crowded.
I gave it 3 stars because compared to the ghetto cities that surround Hesperia; Hesperia is not that bad. However all the high desert people are rude and just bitter. I think the high desert is still like a little mexico. A lot of homeless people and litter everywhere also a lot of drug activity. I dont recommend raising your famimy here. There is even a slang gere for people who live and grow up here they call them "desert rats"... But the sunsets are beautiful and so are the snow capped mountains... A lot of congested traffic also
I’ve lived in Hesperia for roughly 2 years now. Most schools you would attend in Hesperia are in the other towns nearby, easy to reach from Hesperia though. For high school I recommend Excelsior Charter, for college Park University.
I grew up here and it has its hits and misses. Hesperia is nice but the areas around it are not the best to be in. Very populated but okay.
an ungrateful town, as a truck driver i get no respect, i wont haul goods to this town and also for many other towns in the state of california, they wont let truck drivers park in vacant lots when we run out of DOT time, and we are forced to shut down for a 10 hour or 30 minute break, as far as i am concerned, the law makers in california can starve, imagine when there laws get so stupid that trucks can hardly bring in freight, then what, your whole state will starve and be without goods.
It is a pretty small town and there isn't much to do here. I gave it 3 stars because it does have a roller derby team.
Hesperia is a very spacious place, with a warm desert breeze. Hesperia has many breathtaking views in its own way. For example, every afternoon when the sun is about to set, beautiful colors of pink, orange, and gold fill the sky, while purple clouds float around the red sun. It's very calming to watch, because Hesperia is not like the city, it's so quiet to the point where you can hear the wind.
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Hesperia is a nice place to live if you have a family. There is public transit, but I would recommend going by car. One of the downfalls of living here is the dirt, that is all you see. I rarely see any greenery.
It's just desert town with not a lot to offer but, within driving distance to LA and Las Vegas, for not that expensive cost of living relative to the rest of California.
Where do I begin? The street are horribly maintained. Garbage EVERYWHERE. I had yard decor stolen right by my front door. The people there are rude and drive 60+mph down residential streets. The schools are horrid. Not a family oriented town. On the brighter side it is beautiful if you can look up away from the garbage. Joshua trees, snow capped mountains in the distance, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Good tacos everywhere! Hesperia could use more community members who use their voice. And the Cajon pass while its stunningly gorgeous it's a very dangerous drive because people think they are race car drivers. Accidents daily. I wouldn't recommend living there if you are raising a family.
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