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I’ve lived in Henry my whole life! Things have changed a lot. There’s not much to do and we have one over priced grocery store!
There are not very many public services available. However, there are a lot of activities for families.
Henry has an extremely low crime rate.
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We luckily have not had to deal with any major weather catastrophes in this area.
There are few employment opportunities in the town of Henry, IL.
There is no nightlife in this area and few restaurants.
Henry is a very small town and there are very few business available to a customer.
There is an array of local businesses that provide services ranging from automotive repair to screen printing. The only downfall would be the quality of restaurants and local grocer.
There isn't much to choose from regarding places of employment. There is a Subway, Dollar General, Dairy Queen, two gas stations, a local grocer, and a select few local businesses from which to choose.
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