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Bad education with public school on the best year only about 50% graduated.
Not safe at times due to drugs but it is possible to live well if you just ignore it.
Hempstead is a great culinary town. There are many varieties of ethic food that I love to enjoy. What I would like to see changed in Hempstead is a decrease in the amount of homeless citizens that are located in the town.
Although Hempstead's taking slow steps towards a better future, the town still struggles and is a very low-income neighborhood.
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I have lived in Hempstead for the majority of my life, and I can honestly say. It's a salad bowl of identities and well-rounded people. There are many resources for people of color that reside in Hempstead. The schooling for its residences is beneficial when looking for work after school or continuing their academic journey.
Hempstead is a wonderful and diverse place to live. There are a lot of shopping centers and fun places to explore. There is something for everyone to do.
Hempstead has some really nice areas not known to others. It has a diverse population and good cost of living. Unfortunately there are some areas in Hempstead that do have crime but overall hempstead can be a nice place to live.
I have lived in Hempstead all my life and I believe it is overall a very nice place to live. There are a lot of good places to shop and get groceries in the area. Also a lot of fun activities and parks around too. Hempstead is pretty cool.
Received my 2020 town calendar in late February which means most residents have already started using a different calendar and this one will have to be recycled. How much waste will this cause and how much did it cost and why are dems so incompetent?
I love the community! There is a variety of shopping centers such as Roosevelt Field Mall, and there's amazing places to eat. The LIRR is close by and you can go to the city or other parts of Long Island from there!
I've been living in Hempstead for the past 12 years and I can't complain. Bus terminal and train station are walking distance. The library and the precinct are right across from me. I've never had any bad encounter.
It is a decent town. I currently reside here and I’ve noticed many improvements throughout the years. Many things are relative, it’s could be dangerous or safe depending on the time, location and who you’re surrounded by.
Not a lot of things get fixed in Hempstead quickly. There are often complaints that are made that are not quickly fixed. It is, however, a fairly quiet town with beautiful housing. There isn't much in the form of entertainment that happens in our town sadly. Great place to raise children if they all go to the same school. If you go to school in Manhattan there is not a good chance that you are making friends in Hempstead because there is a lack of public events that are actually welcoming and fun.
I love the people I have met in Hempstead. Every time I travel there I never leave with a sad face. I always leave wanting to come back which is what everyone wants to feel. I cant wait to live in Hempstead for the next 4 years because I will be attending Hofstra University in the fall.
my experience living in hempstead has been a roller coaster. there are good people but most of them are not. you have to be careful of your surroundings and stay away from the trouble.
If you're looking for a town with a bad reputation, this is Hempstead. I've been to a lot of different towns in Nassau County, NY and Hempstead has one of the most deplorable reputations around. However, I've grown up going to church in this area since 1991. And each year the town has been improving but the reputation remains the same. My favorite thing about this town is, you don't ever have to leave it. We have clothing stores, office supply centers, multi cultural restaurants and vendors. You can find almost anything you need right here in Hempstead. The people have been nothing but nice to me and they support each other. However, the people are poor and without quality education. Therefore, crime rates are high, there is drug abuse, there is homelessness and all the other "bad" things you find in a low income urban community. Nonetheless, Hempstead is a community and the people as a whole really are striving for better each day.
I've lived in Hempstead for eight years and now live a town over. I like how the community is mostly a population of Latino and African-American people. The crime rate and reputation is not so good over the years. But everything is close by and the town has a bunch of stores.
Hempstead does not have good enough public transportation. It is pretty difficult to get around without a vehicle which makes it hard to travel between Hempstead and the five boroughs. Overall it is a pretty nice area but making it easier to get around would be a major improvement.
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My biggest concern with Hempstead is safety, particularly at night. It has the Roosevelt Field mall, which is a nice place to hang out.
I enjoy living in Hempstead, but everything is very expensive for college students. More local businesses should offer discounts for local college students.
I don't think Hempstead is the best neighborhood but it has a lot to offer and not all parts of it are bad. The education system could use a lot of improvement too.
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