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there are a varied of eating and shopping places, but there are way too many drunks and party houses.
Hays offers a little of everything. Coming from a small town I never had a whole lot of options, but moving here has given me a large variety!
I like the college life. There are not many distractions out there. So it is good to focus and work here. Working out is a great distraction here too, since the weather is sunny (and windy) most of the time. It is a socially healthy environment. The only downfall that I see is the amount and quality of restaurants in the area. Eating healthy can become a challenge
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Hays is a great place to raise a family. Clean local parks. Great schools. The local college FHSU offers affordable education to further develop oneself. A technical college and a award winning cosmetology school. A diverse assortment of activities for family.
I like the city overall. We have a nice accepting community. I feel right at home here. I wish they would fix some of the roads by the train tracks. They are really rough on my vehicle.
People in Hays are nice. We have great restaurants in Hays that includes Asian food, German food, and American food. We have a shopping center that is located in the middle of the town. We have various clothing and food store around main street. I would like to see Asian market in Hays in the future.
I attend North Central Kansas Technical College in Hays, KS. Hays is not a huge city but it is clean, the people are friendly, there is the Sternberg Museum of Natural History and beautiful parks.
Hays is a nice quaint town of about 14,000. There is a division 2 college named Fort Hays State University. There is also a technical college there as well. The town has various restaurants including, Gellas, a micro brewery, sake 2 me, a sushi joint, and TK's smokehouse a BBQ place. Many of the towns people consist of college students and farmers. A very great place to live.
The thing that mostly I would love to change about this area is. Change itself sometimes ,in this area . The change that maybe talked about is still being debated through control . To only benefit a few people not to the better good of all who live or work in these places like hays and the outer communities. their is and old saying," Actions speaks louder then words".so taking that change and applying it would help these issues for change.
This place is so much fun! I have only been here for about 5 months but it has grown to be my second home and it is a small and beautiful place!
Very safe and a great small town feel. Isn't the best for entertainment or any of that. There isn't much a reason to live here unless connected to the college or hospital. Good food though.
The town is nice enough, there are always plenty of places to rent and plenty of places hiring but the large number of university students has driven up the rental costs for most houses and the apartments aren't much better. However the people are friendly enough in my experience and there are several bars which act like clubs for night life. Though I have been told that one of them should be avoided by ladies.
Hays is my hometown and the place I feel safest. It's a town in the middle of Kansas with a population around 25,000. It's close to the surrounding states and is easy to access since it is on I-70 interstate. Hays is friendly and safe. Violence is very rare here and everyone seems to enjoy their stay when they come for even a weekend. The public schools need to help with funding but that is the state's issue not the town. The job opportunities are out there, you just have to look a little harder than you would in a big city. Hays is the perfect size and holds value to who I am, Hays will always be home!
It is a fairly safe place to live. Low crime rate.
It is a safe place to live, with friendly people. It is in the process of growing with more hotels and places to dine. It is a slow process though.
It's a cultural melting pot. There are a variety of activities to do a places to go to such as: shopping outlets, restaurants, hotels, libraries, parks, etc. The residents are usually friendly and the atmosphere is very upbeat, yet subtle at the same time. It's a convenient college for any graduated high school student who is interested in seeking a degree for a decent tuition. And, it's a great small city for a family to settle down in.
The fast food restaurants are not great, but there are a few good mom and pop restaurants in the area.
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There are good job opportunities, but some people are not willing to go out and search for them. If people have money they tried to find a good job to make a living.
In this area the local businesses are starting to branch out, which is excellent. They're on their way to great achievements.
The majority of all people living in Hays are middle-class. Everyone could get a job if he or she wanted to, but it might not be desirable. However, there are plenty of jobs that can be filled, and there has been and will be plenty of growth in the future.
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