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Great place to raise a family. Very safe. Great School districts. Close to parks. Great home value. Neighborly.
It's an extremely safe neighborhood with beautiful land in between houses. Every once in a while you'll see deer. People are extremely nice.
I've lived here for 6 years of my life. It is a very quiet part of the suburbs in which the houses are not very close together or at least where I lived. There is adequate infrastructure and it is quite safe. I've had little to no interaction with my neighbors simply because we live so far apart and also to my personal preferences as well. The low light is helpful for stargazing. You will definitely need a car to get around here. Most of the places I go to require a 15-30 minute drive to places like lincolnshire and mount prospect. However if you intend to stay in the area, this won't be a problem.
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There is a lot of green space. Parks have tennis courts, baseball & soccer fields, basketball courts, pavilions, & playgrounds. The Village hosts family events (e.g., indoor & outdoor movie nights, Santa, concerts, swim party, winter festival, 4th of July fireworks & parade). The Ela District library is great w/ a huge children’s section. The Community is extremely safe. Village does a great job with services (e.g., snow plowing).

Shopping, eating, and entertainment is convenient in nearby Lake Zurich, Deer Park, and Kildeer. There is an aquatic center & three nearby indoor sports centers, including Foglia YMCA.

The area feeds into three different high school districts (Lake Zurich HS, Stevenson HS, and Mundelein HS). We are extremely happy with Dist 95 schools (Lake Zurich), which are highly rated. Lake Zurich High School is smaller than some of the neighboring high schools, which will work better for our family.

The housing is expensive and the real estate taxes are high.
Hawthorn Woods is a very friendly and safe village located northwest of Chicago. Lots of parks, shopping in nearby towns, and an excellent school system.
Hawthorn Woods is a wonderful family-friendly environment. It has safe neighborhoods where neighbors know each other. It is in an area that doesn't have industry.
I love the sort of country feel to it. The neighbors are friendly and everything is kept up well. Plus, it feeds into Stevenson, which is the third school nationally.
I have lived in Hawthorn Woods for the past two years and I love it! Hawthorn Woods is beautiful and is just fifteen minutes away from Lake Zurich and Vernon Hills. Due to the fact that it's close to these suburbs, there is always something to do whether it's going to Hawthorn mall, the movies, Lake Zurich, or going bowling. Although there is a lot to do around Hawthorn Woods, the greatest part about it is that the actual suburb itself is not too busy, but instead it's quite a peaceful and laid back place to live. There is a real sense of community here and all my neighbors are kind to each other and respectful.
Hawthorn Woods could have better roads so the traffic isn't so terrible. I like the peace and quiet, though. Feels very rural although it is very close to civilization. Great public school.
Hawthorn Woods is a great village about 1 1/2 hours northwest of the city of Chicago. Many of the homes are on lots 1 plus acres, but new developments with smaller lots are coming soon. It is a very peaceful area with many parks nearby including a water park, making this great for families. Crime is nearly non-existent and the schools are some of the best in Illinois/Nation. A variety of restaurants are available close by in Lake Zurich, Wauconda, or Long Grove.
Lake Zurich is an extremely safe place where the police are responsive and extremely helpful. You will see an officer if you are driving on any of the main roads and even the back roads.
Lake Zurich is a safe environment with great schools in the area. It is a great place to be raised. It is one big community with a lot of pride in the city.
There are not many crimes that occur in a year. Police and other residents are helpful for keeping area safe and maintained.
The area is being built up more with homes and newer business. Also, a younger population is forming. There are three garden centers that allow for people to add plants and trees to their own property.
Being very close to downtown Long Grove offers many novelty stores, boutiques, and restaurants which are all local businesses.
There are some opportunities, but most jobs require a short drive to get to.
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