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Great community, everyone is very welcoming and the neighborhoods are very family oriented. I have grown up in the town and have loved every minute of it!
very nice, quiet location with good resources and well-governed. i haven’t lived here that long (<1 year) but i like the area and the people. it has good proximity to food places and the hospital.
Very loving and beautiful community. Close nit and safe. I have lived here my whole life and it is pretty amazing. Family friendly and growing into a nicer place every day.
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Grew up in Havertown and bought here as an adult. Great family neighborhood! The schools here are amazing. I have a child at Manoa Elementary and three children in the Haverford Middle School. I would not choose to live anywhere else. I feel safe in Havertown. My children are able play outside, explore nature trails, visit many local parks, and go ice skating at the local skatium.
Havertown is a very family-friendly community and gives great small-town vibes. The community is very close-knit and always makes sure that everyone is supported and alright. From restaurants to parks to the Skatium, there is a lot to do in Haverford, and it is super close to Philadelphia, which is an added bonus.
Nice place to live also has good teaching at the public schools. I recommend living here nothing special though.
I like I can be me and not be judged. I enjoy how all of the kids can hang at the local establishments and not be kicked out.
It's, for the most part, a safe place to live. It's near Philadelphia so it's not too far of a ride to go into the city for a day trip of any sort. The town itself, though, is not very exciting or unique. They have a good school but that doesn't make up for a lot of other things. Our town is not very diverse at all, especially not compared to the neighboring Upper Darby. There also isn't a very exciting walking area in the town. There isn't really a "downtown" area, it's all just nail salons and Irish pubs. It's not very exciting for a night, or day, out on the town.
Havertown is a great place for a family. It has a good school district with many little stores and places to eat nearby. Also, it is less than a 30-minute drive into the city, and there is easy access to the train for public transport.
Havertown is a great neighborhood. It’s. Close to Philadelphia! Haverford township has a great school district with many opportunities at school to feel confident In attending college!
What I enjoy about Haverford Township the most is the safety and overall kindness of it's community.
I love the diversity and inclusivity that Haverford promotes. You also cannot get the quality of academics that you get at Haverford at any other public high school.
Havertown is a cute town to live in; some neighborhoods have block parties or gatherings on certain occasions. There are many community events such as Haverford Township Day and other festivals that occur throughout the year. However, the majority of the town has cookie-cutter houses, making it less attractive than other towns on the Main Line, but more affordable.
It's a very peaceful environment with many good schools just not many activities for kids. If you have kids it will be safe and there will be many others around the same age they will always find something to do. Schools around are great and everyone is friendly.
Great community, great neighbors, law enforcement is top notch and always patrolling to keep everyone feeling safe!
It's a small place with few options, so be prepared to commute to Philadelphia if you really want to experience something. A few nice bars/eateries, but mostly expensive. The public transportation isn't exactly scarce, but it is not very reliable.
Haverford Township is the safest community I have ever lived in. There is always something to do that's family friendly. There's an endless list of restaurants from American food to Japenese food and more. The township has one library. The ratio of restaurant/bars to the library is 380 to 1. The library is a great place for everyone to come together and hang out and study. There is very little crime happening in Haverford Township and the school district is great. If it weren't for attending Haverford High School, I wouldn't have gotten the great education that I have today.
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I love living in Haverford Township. They have a very clean neighborhood and great places to eat. The town itself isn't very diverse with the neighborhood population mostly being of English descent. The people in this town aren't very racist. The most racism you see in the Haverford Township schools are mostly in the high school and sadly somewhat in the elementary schools. That is the only thing I would fix about this township. Overall the township is very friendly and the schools are one of the best schools in the state which is why I rate the town a four out of five stars.
Haverford Township has a very warm atmosphere that any person would feel welcome living in. I have lived here my entire life and the people are absolutely wonderful.
It is a great place to grow up. There are many food places, little shops, and activities to do. I love my school and am very privileged to be a part of it. There are many families living here, and it is a very safe place (I have never felt unsafe).
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