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Hatfield is a very small, and amazing community with wonderful shops, activites, and schools. I would like to see a few more community events throughout the town.
I like the close knit community we have here, and the different shops, stores, and restaurants we have.
Hatfield is a great place to Live. I am formerly from Philadelphia where it started to feel unsafe for my family. We moved here in 2005 and Love it. Its a clean and Friendly Neighborhood. I love my schools and feel they are more Hands on with learning. When I was just in first grade the teachers reached out and gave extra help to me right away and got me on track with the other students. I am so glad my Parents chose Hatfield. Hatfield Offers a lot of opportunities for Sports and Other activities to join. When I was just in grade school I met a great group of friends whom I am still very close with. I love Hatfield and hope to raise my Family here one day.
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Hatfield is a small, quiet little town outside of Philly. We don't have much to do right in Hatfield besides restaurants, but there are towns no more than 5-10 minutes away that have plenty to do. Close to Philly so there is a short commute for work or to get to sporting events or concerts. The town itself if very community based and a good area to live in. Very low crime rates and plenty of parks and the local pool. North Penn School District had prepared me extremely well for college.
I would say that there is little to no crime in this area. I can't say it is perfect, there are situations that pop up from time to time, but for the most part it is a really good area. I am rarely ever concerned for my safety, and I have only ever had to call 911 once in my life, and it was only because there was a man in my neighborhood who seemed off/suspicious and I was home alone. Everywhere has small crimes once in a while, and Hatfield falls under that, but there is nothing to be concerned of.
I love Hatfield, I have lived in this town all my life and I would not want to move anywhere else. Everyone in town is so nice and caring, and while there is not much to do in Hatfield, they are slowly getting more to do. There is the meat packaging plant there, but I honestly don't smell it anymore since I have lived here all my life. There are some nice restaurants around, the commute to Philadelphia is not long at all, and the town over has a mall and more to do.
Often the snow lasts too long in the winter, very heavy and plain annoying after the third storm, but the weather worldwide has been like this recently, so it's not just us. Thunderstorms are mainly in the spring and summer, and maybe only two a season. Floods don't happen very often at all, the last one I saw was last year and you couldn't drive at all. Before that, I can't recall any other floods. Around here in all the seasons you will want to make sure you bring at least a light jacket with you when you go out. Even in the summer, mainly just for nights although some days can be a little chilly. The temperature is fairly moderate here as we do get all the seasons.
The houses in Hatfield are nice for the most part, yards, driveways, etc... You do often hear the fire sirens, almost daily, and probably about once a week or so hear trains. We rarely ever hear traffic, though. The people walking around aren't very loud, but there is a full development of townhouses mainly with children in them, so you hear the children a lot but not anyone else for the most part. There are different sections of houses that all look the same within their section, but I happen to live on the one street that the houses are different since they were built at different times. Also there are no abandoned houses or buildings that I know of in this area.
We do not have much crime here as we are a small town, the only things that have gone on here recently were based on a family, like problems with a husband and wife having one sent to the hospital. The only other crime I can think of is from back when I was still in elementary school, a group of older boys were breaking into some houses and taking things, but that was years ago. The police here are very reliable and right down the street. They come quickly when called, although they are not called much. They are often out in my neighborhood looking for people speeding since all of Hatfield Borough is 25 mph, when not all the rest of Hatfield is.
I can't rate the drinks or bars in the area as I am only eighteen years old, but I can speak for the food. In Hatfield there are more fast food options than sit down meals. There is a Wendy's, Boston Market, Chik-Fil-A, Wawa, McDonald's, Applebee's, the Pizza Pub, and Hatfield Pizza. I probably missed one, but those are the main ones. The variety of foods we have are pretty good, but I wish there were more eat in restaurants that are not fast food. My favorite place to have a meal here is probably Applebee's if I want to sit down and be served. I'll usually get a clubhouse grille, a trio of appetizers, or a steak with some mashed potatoes. They always make sure your food is right before they move on, and come around often to make sure your drink is filled or if you need anything else.
In Hatfield, there is not much. We have a few retail stores, salons, and grocery stores. There is mainly restaurants here since we are right off the turnpike, but not much to do. However, we do have the best ice cream and waterice at Mom's Waterice. It is fantastic! Started by the Kulik family, they are extremely family oriented and keep prices low, as a lot of children go there. The portions are huge, so you definitely get what you paid for! Also, Hatfield Pizza is another good place to eat. They are so friendly and their food is delicious! They would often donate food to my Girl Scout Troop or to the local middle school's musicals. Other than those few places, we have a Kohl's and Famous Footwear, and that is just about it besides some hotels, again since we are right off the turnpike, and mainly housing.
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