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Family friendly environment. Has been good to raise my children. Would like more none chain restaurants. Appreciate the building up of the down town
I love the feel of this town. I love that there are colleges to choose from. And it's great that it is so close to so many different bigger towns. The only thing I wish is that there were more sit down restaurants that would make it here.
Overall Hastings is an invited and happy place. The downtown area of town is exploding with possibilities. I love all the little traditions that live here, as well as the surprising amount of charity and services provided. I do feel there is quite a bit of judgement surrounding the town, especially within the older community, but overall Hastings is a great place to grow up.
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I was born and raised here. For a midwestern small town, there isn't too much I would change. One of the only problems is that the town of Hastings doesn't let businesses in very easily.
I love this town. People are so friendly and we have a great public school system. Great place to live and raise a family!
It's a small town in Nebraska, but still a busy city. Nice public schools and is a good place to live if you are a small town type of person. There aren't many stores here, but we still do have a couple like Walmart, Menards, and Russ's. The community is overall pretty nice. Not many crazy things happen in Hastings. There is a local hospital and a couple of doctor clinics. There are quite a few small businesses downtown, and downtown gets pretty occupied around the holidays.
I have loved raising my family in Hastings. I think my children have had a great experience with the schools and the area. The one thing that would help would be a more variety of stores. There is a pretty big town that is only 24 miles away so it is not that bad.
I have lived in Hastings for almost a year. It is a great community, with lots of activities and fun places to take kids. There are a relatively high number of good job opportunities for a community of this size. The people are kind and supportive.
Hastings is a wonderfully quaint little town in Adams County. It has a decent sized population and the community is very friendly. The only main drawback of Hastings is that it can get rather mundane and boring if you don't have people to go do things with. However, overall I think it is a perfectly fine place to visit or grow up.
I like how close knit the town is even though it has a population of 25,000 residents. I just love the bike trails that connect different parts of the town. They mean a lot to me. I love all the cool shops downtown and the downtown college town vibe that is really developing. Its a great place to raise a family. It is a small town but it has all the essentials to live well.
I've lived in Hastings my whole life, and I think it's a great town. They're revamping the downtown area and trying to bring some life back into the town. It was a wonderful place to grow up, and will be a great place to raise a family.
Hastings is my home away from home. I attended Hastings College for four years and during that time I met some of the nicest, most genuine people ever. I give Hastings College and the entire community much credit for getting me to where I am today. It's an amazing place to live and raise a family, and is definitely an option for me once my schooling is completed.
Good to raise a family. Weather can be crazy. Cheap housing and cheap living. Not much to do but is close to bigger towns. The town takes pride in itself.
Moved here for college. I like Hastings but I wish there was more to do. There are nice places to go sit at like the parks and coffee shops and most of the people are nice. This town isn't to busy but it's not super small either. I wish there was a awesome place to go dancing at night.
My favorite thing about Hastings are the people. I moved here freshmen year, and the people in my community made me feel at home. Like all schools, Hastings High could improve, but overall I enjoy attending the school. What this small town really needs is places where teens can hang out. It is no secret that the teens of this town drink and experiment with drugs every weekend, but we can stop this. Because there is a lack of teen activities, teens find theirselves meddling with things that they shouldn't be in.
Love it here in Hastings! I was born and raised and plan on staying for a very long time. I went to hastings senior high and graduated with the class of 2016. I met my boyfriend there and we have been dating ever since.
It's pretty small but it's a nice little town. There are plenty of things to do with the family here. There is also a museum where they have lots of kool aid things because believe it or not it was invented here!
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I like this town because it doesn't matter if you grew up in a big city or a small town Hastings makes it feel like home. I am currently a college student and I have yet to be bored. There are a lot of activities and different places you can go to eat and have fun. In Hastings there is the downtown area where there are a bunch of stores and different places you can go to. But if you are more of a person that only likes to go to a few stores, Hastings has that too. We also have lots of museums you can go to or if mabye you just want to relax and watch a movie, Hastings has that too. Hastings overall is a college and a family town but most importantly it's home
Hastings, Nebraska is a great town to grow up in. I like that it is a small town with a lot of opportunities. I don't like that there isn't a lot of things to do or eat. If I could change one thing, it would be that Hastings would be a town with more team and town spirit.
I have really enjoyed living in Hastings. It is a great place to raise a family and work and live. I do sometimes wish we were a more diverse population but being in the midwest sometimes thats just not the way it is.
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