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Harvard is lovely and historical; the people are friendly. Sports programs are offered through the town, and historically important buildings are preserved. The library is gorgeous.
The pros are that it’s really small however the cons are also that it’s really small so while you will know everyone and be able to walk to many places, there also isn’t much to do around town and there’s no such thing as just dropping by the store to get something.
Its a nice town to grow up in and super small. I like that if you want to go to the movies or go do something that you have to drive about fifteen minutes rather than other towns coming here.
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It is a close-knit community, but it is very expensive to live in. There isn't too much night activity and shopping options are very limited. The school system is very good and the community is a big benefit.
Rich come for schools & leave. Seniors underserved. 2 yr wait for senior transport van. "Can't afford it." Contrast, organized lobby won vote to tear down 30 y/o school & rebuild for $58 mil. School rebuild = town in fiscal bind. High taxes.
Pretty beautiful town, enjoyed my experience here; great people, great community, great place to live overall
Overall, Harvard has a good sense of community and has accepting, friendly neighborhoods. Many families have pets. The school system is mostly very good. Harvard is one of the more beautiful places I have been in.
Few crimes happen in Harvard. Usually it's just bored high schoolers moving benches into the intersection at night, knocking down mailboxes, or getting busted at house parties. Occasionally there is a robbery.
Town is quiet and usually uneventful. Roads, orchards, and conservation lands are beautiful. Houses can be secluded and private. Overall a relatively wealthy town.
Only small amounts of crime in the area. Very nice town to raise children in and feel comfortable in your own home. While we still lock our doors, we don't feel unsafe leaving them unlocked while we are home.
Four distinguishable seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season is equally represented with rain, hot and humid, cool, and cold/snow. Perfect mix of New England weather.
Being a small town, we don't have very many local businesses. However, the ones that are there are fantastic!
The fire department in town is a volunteer community. As the daughter of a town firefighter, I have grown up around the department. The firefighters in town are extremely kind and do their best to respond to all fire calls in a timely manner despite not being a full-time paid department.

The Department of Public Works in town is very good with taking care of the town community areas and roads. The employees of the town are very kind, hard working, and responsive to issues brought to their attention. They are quick to solve problems and always willing to send a smile and wave to others around them.
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