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My husband and I grew up in Hartford, we both moved away for our 20s but came running back to raise our family. This place makes almost anyone feel right at home!! Growing up it was not really diverse and that was unfortunate. Now the diversity is growing fast and that's the community I want my kids to grow up in!
Hartford is a sleepy little town, large but small community. They care about all the residents, the police are wonderful.
Hartford is a friendly place and everyone supports one another. I wish there were a few more things to do and go to eat.
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Fantastic small town with a really welcoming vibe. I haven't experienced a place like it anywhere else. The town is full of winding hills and forest which makes it feel secluded yet all amenities are available.
Very great city to live in. Not too close to Milwaukee but also not to far. If you go North or West you drive through cornfields, South and East will take you past the Kettle Moraine.
Hartford is a quaint little town with great history. All of the shops have great customer service. This town allows visitors to see a variety of attractions and allows them to experience small town feelings.
Born and raised in Hartford! I loved growing up here. I moved away just a town over and started a family. Now we're looking at houses to move back! It has all the amenities you need but still a small town atmosphere.
I have lived here my entire life and it has provided me with many opportunities, especially in High School.
Hartford, Wisconsin is a cute little town that has a nice downtown, a couple good restaurants, and a very nice state park nearby, but I wish we had another chain restaurant in town that isn't fast food.
It's very small and not much goes on here but it's very pretty with it's cute downtown and friendly people.
Hartford has that small town feel, yet is large enough for certain amenities. I enjoy living here and being so close to Milwaukee
I have lived in Hartford for most of my life, and I truly love it. The schools are excellent, it is a safe place to be, and people are generally very friendly.
It's a great community! Downtown Hartford is gorgeous with all of the quaint little shops. It's also a great place for families of all incomes.
The area is nice and features lots of areas for night activities as well as family friendly scenes. There are a wide variety of parks and public spaces. In addition, the area restaurants are well run and serve fantastic food and drinks!
Hartford has a lot of opportunities to get involved in the community, given the relatively-small size of the town, as well as many community-based athletic programs for youth.
I like that Hartford is a small city, but is close in distance to conveniences. Our town has lots of options to eat, shop, go out for entertainment, and schooling. Hartford is a great place to raise a family or to settle down when you are older. The people are generally nice and local shop-owners on Main Street are very welcoming.
Great place to live, and is very safe to raise a family. I have lived here all my life and I have seen very little to no crime. It has some really good schools and very nice size homes for sale.
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I moved out to Hartford, WI about 10 years ago. I grew up in the Milwaukee area so I wasn't sure how I'd like living in such a smaller town. Turns out it is great! People are really nice, it's small town but big enough were you are not knowing about everybody. My 2 girls love it here. They like seeing their friends at the store, they live the schools and the local Boys & Girls Club. There are a couple bigger stores in town but mostly mom and pop stores. There are two wonderful ice cream shoppes that take you back to simpler times. And the best restaurant called The Mineshaft. Great food and entertainment. Best and cheapest fish fry around at $4.99! All around there is great things here in Hartford!
It's a dump. Lots of unemployment. Stores are way behind the times. Restaurants have cockroaches. Everything needs updating.
Hartford offers its residents all the perks of a city while retaining all characteristics of small town.
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