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Harrisburg itself is a very diverse area, however a majority of PA is not. it is a small population of minorities surrounded by white people. This area is not the nicest looking and there are area you should avoid, however the community is everything. People here band together for being oppressed and poor, while being surrounded by distinct rich areas.
Safe city in general. Beautiful river and slowly new businesses are cropping up that represent the diversity of this city.
Harrisburg and is a beautiful city. A lot of history and beautiful sights. I came to live in Harrisburg at the end of 2017. It was different and a fresh of breath air. As I continue to explore, I saw a lot of things that could've been better. There is a lot of diverse people, but not enough businesses to show the diversity in this city. There's a lot of boarded up homes that could've been repaired or donated to the city to fix and transformed into something the people of Harrisburg could go to, like a Safety Haven. Too many people are homeless, yet there doesn't seem to be enough resources to help the less fortunate. My heart breaks for them as I see them roam around the city like zombies. For such a beautiful city, there seems to be limited resources or not enough staff to accommodate those that are seeking help. I just pray that one day the city will help these less fortunate and clean up the streets. There's a lot of potential, but no guidance to making it happen.
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I dont like Harrisburg much bc im a city girl. Born and raised in Bronx, NY so moving out here when i was 13 was a big adjustment.
Harrisburg is your typical run of the mill town. It’s not horrible, but it’s not terrific either. There’s not much to do for young adults and the shopping centers are definitely not up to par with big cities. Stick to the suburban area and you will be fine.
I love my hometown simple because of family. What I don't like is all the killing and hate this small town has. Being a grandmother of 7 there nothing for these kids to do. No after school programs. No safe haven programs away from home. They just run the streets. Not mines their to young, but pre-teens and teenagers. It's just sad. This town had changed so much and not for the good either.
Living in Harrisburg all my life makes me ready to leave. If you like mountains this is your place! There is really great diversity here.
It is okay. Need to move before children start school due to the terrible school district and not wanting to send them to private school.
Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, assuming it is a big city, it is not. Harrisburg but the city tends to hold negative energy. Every time I leave and come back to Harrisburg my mood changes and it's like I don't want to do anything or I don't want to be in the city. I hope one day the communities in Harrisburg can unite and make the city a better, cleaner, and safer place.
I love the neighborhood I live in and I love that there's so many food places to go to. Depending on where you live, Harrisburg can be an unsafe place with different illegal activities happening. If you live in a great area Harrisburg is wonderful
Depending on what area of harrisburg, the commute and living is good. If you live closer to downtown, gets more crowded and traffic is heavier. The further you are from downtown, the better.
Harrisburg's diversity is very low. The safety of the city is not very good, public schools are overcrowded. Nightlife is not interesting. Cleanliness should be the first priority for the city before anything else.
The area of harrisburg that I live in is remotely safe and clean. I know certain parts of the city have a lot of littering, which is something I hope we can all change together. The captial building is really cool to see in person, and city island a great place to go outside for a nice walk, and mini golf!
Harrisburg has a great vibe downtown but still can be trouble at night. Stay above sixth street to avoid trouble. Harrisburg also has great clubs downtown!
I enjoyed living here. Everywhere there is room for improvement like public safety matters, and health care services. For the state capital of Pennsylvania, I was disappointed on their education system. I believe that kids should be able to focus on being a kid instead of the violence that happens in the city. I enjoyed moving from Reading, Pennsylvania to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in comparison.
Harrisburg, overall, is a good place to live if you are looking for a calm, easy-going city. This is definitely not a hustle and bustle type compare to other well known cities within the state such as Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, but more of a glorified suburb.
I currently live, work, and go to school (graduate level) in Harrisburg. Harrisburg is a great city to live in and I have walked around (primarily downtown area) at all times and have not felt unsafe. The riverfront is beautiful and there is always joggers and bikers. I wish that more businesses would invest in the city, but we are booming a lot more than what we were a couple years ago. I definitely see a shift to a younger population, and crime has gone way down since we moved in 3 years ago. I can't wait to see what our city has in store and what else is coming! As a republican, I do wish that I would see more republicans in leadership positions for the city, but that is why we have voting.
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As a young kid Harrisburg was a great place. There was places to go things to do. You always had a new store or a skating ring or some new fun activity to attend. But by the time I reached high school (now a college sophomore) everything changed. Harrisburg is a sad gloomy place so many places are boring. Our mall had the same stores for years. If you want to even go skating you have to drive 30 minutes across the river. A lot of building and places are closed. You must travel almost 45 minutes to get to a decent mall (which is not in Harrisburg). But it makes it worst because people here don't know how to act. This is a reason why a majority of things here are closed. Always want to start fits and drama in places for family,friends,and fun. People here don't know how to give back to the community.
A great place for somebody who wants to be close to everything. Living about 20 minutes from the Harrisburg area, I live in a calm area but within a driving distance to anywhere I need to go. The city is clean and well taken care of. Very family friendly in terms of walks with amazing views by the Susquehanna river and events to which families with children are more than welcome.
Harrisburg is great, there is stuff to do in the city, and it's a short drive to go hiking or kayaking on the Susquehanna River.
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