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Harker Heights is a diverse city with lots of family oriented venues like parks, military museums, and lots of open space for activities. The community is tight-knit and many of the members are active or retired soldiers. I love and feel protected within my community.
Harker Heights is a great suburb out of Killeen for families/military families. The schools are wonderful and there a lots of kids. Something I would change is the county building and expanding with new restaurants, businesses and clearing out trees which are home to local animals.
I moved to the area about 1.5 years ago. I have been pleasantly surprised with the safety of the area. Stores are easily accessible as well as the highway. I feel the roads are well maintained and care is put into their school system. They also do a good job promoting community unity through multiple community activated throughout all times of the year.
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I like Harker Heights because it has everything you might need locally. The neighborhoods are quiet and very safe.
A slow town but very quaint. Most people are nice but not my style. The Public schools here have terrible policies but the people mean well. Teachers try their hardest within their perimeters the district gives them.
There are many activities to do around here and it is next to other cities/towns so you have more areas to explore! It's also nearby big cities like Austin, so you're not in the middle of nowhere.
Harker Heights is not just a small town, but it is a community. It is clean, the people are friendly, and the school spirit is fantastic.
Nice area & close to Fort Hood. The schools are decent and the area is up and coming. Close to shopping and restaurants.
We just love our house and location, it gives us everything we need! We have a smaller community, and quiet area and we can drive just about anywhere within 3 hours.
As a current resident, there is not for teens to do but the neighborhoods I am in are safe to play in and enjoy. Most people around are friendly.
I have lived in this area for two years and it has been an overall pleasant experience. I have no complaints. The high school is also a good enviroment.
It is ok to live here. It is military town. They are building more houses and it is affordable to live here. Markets are located near by. It has shopping malls near by for sports, books, clothing, and electronics. It is not very safe place to live in but nothing so far happened to me. It is military town, so there are many different races of people lives here that are from many different places. There are many part time jobs availiable here. However, it is hard to find the full time job that pays decent amount of salary.
I love being in Harker Heights! We have roomy houses, plenty of shops, and Stillhouse Hallow Lake is right there! I just wish there were more streetlights.
There are many amenities close by. People are friendly and safe. Schools have good ratings. There are many different restaurants all over the town. There is a lake with bike trails and hike trails. The mall is not very good, but the drive to Georgetown is not bad. It is very quite with minimal traffic. During the summer it gets really hot, but during spring, fall, and winter the weather is very nice. The town does not have many night clubs, but it has many restaurants with bars. Restaurants are really good.
I like Harker Heights because it is close to Temple, Texas and since it is located pretty much in the center of the state, it is close to Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas. In just hours you can be anywhere in the state.
I moved to this town 14 years ago and watched I grow into a busy little town. We have been in the same house the whole time and have not had any major issues. Everyone is friendly and the police are always so helpful and respectful. They actually look after the residents well, patrolling each neighborhood to keep us safe. The schools are conveniently places so that getting them there isn't a hassle. Shopping is also near by. The area is aging but the city keeps it lively with events and small festivals. We are close knit and stay connected through a city blog. I've lived in large and small towns/cities and Harker Heights is by far the most comfortable place I've lived.
Nice ,safe and flourishing neighborhood. Family friendly with many communities park and recreation center.
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I moved to Harker Heights in 2014. The community is quiet. There are neighborhood crime watchers in almost every corner. The community is expanding which is great for job growth. I would not change anything about living in Harker Heights.
Harker Heights has one of the cleaner environments around. The homes are nice, access to the highway is easy, and the area is not too overcrowded. The schools and athletic programs in the area are also top notch.
Harker Heights is the suburb of Killeen Texas and represents the future of all of Bell County in my opinion. The city is extremely clean and well put together. It's impossible to get lost here unless you find yourself in the maze-like neighborhoods surrounding the city and even then, being lost isn't so bad because the houses are gorgeous. Heights is one of the most well rounded places in central Texas to start a new life.
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