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I grew up in Hanover township and I still live here. Hanover township is a great area and if I am able to afford it after I graduate, I would continue to live here.
I have lived in Hanover Township for my entire life as well as my parents and grandfathers. It is a great community well sought out by many people to live here. Schools are great and the township offers many recreational amenities for all ages. My Grandfather was born and raised in Hanover he was a police officer for 36 years here and that makes me very proud. This town has grown from a small mill town to a great suburban town with parks and fields to play and to raise families. We also have big companies here like Bayer and Tiffany which keeps taxes low and supplies jobs for many people. Many friends parents are long time residents of Hanover. Religously there are all different places to worship.
This area is safe and nice, just very boring. There is not that much to do here and it is just sort of your average suburban area. It is, however, connected to everything, which is nice.
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I like that it is a small town where you get to know many people. I would like the school systems to be reformed because children tend to dread attending school due to the teachers and harassment from other students arising from gossip spreading due to the small town feel. I like how involved the fire department is with the residents and how many community events such as fireworks and summer concerts we have.
The environment is nice and safe. It is easy to travel around because there is no heavy traffic. People are nice and friendly. The township provides a lot of activities for all ages.
Small town with good schools. Schools have a lot of sports and other activities for kids to participate.
Great family oriented community. Schools are great. A smaller grocery store would be nice instead of having to go to a very large, superstore.
This is a safe area and there is very little crime. I have never felt unsafe going outside or walking on my own.
Great friendly, small town atmosphere, everyone is very friendly and respectful to their neighbors. I enjoy living here and can only envision this area getting better with time.
The police respond in a very slow matter, especially when it is an emergency.
My current living situation is overpopulated with tons of people everywhere you go. If I could I would love to live in a more private location where I would be able to raise my children.
Not much crime in the area but the cops are very protective. Usually hang around the school
It's a nice area that I wouldn't mind living in my whole life. There is plenty to do and it is very safe. Very friendly neighborhood
Very neat and clean, if one person does not maintain the yard the township will summon that person
some young adult do small vandalizing and going in to parked cars
there is a lot to do in the community for young and old, they are lacking some activity for teenagers but every time they try not a lot of kids show up
I just miss local store's that used to be in the area, supermarket and Bagel shop that have closed in the past 10 years.
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I live in a great atmosphere, quite neighborhood and great neighbors!
The atmosphere in Whippany is great. It really makes Whippany feel like a home. I would choose to live here again since this was where I grew up. For the future, I just want some more restaurants to open up.
In Whippany there is not a good night life option so many travel close by to Morristown where the night life is always outrageous! There is always something going on in Morristown and for any holidays most of the bars and restaurants have their employees dress up to spread the spirit!
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