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Hanover Township Reviews

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People are friendly. Not much to do.
Crime does exist because of all the drug addicts and alcoholics that live in the town.
The local stores offer everything you absolutely need but it would be nice if there was more variety.
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The quality of housing where I live is decent, but nothing spectacular. There are some vacant houses and poorly maintained mobile homes.
The job market is okay, but honestly if you desire a high paying job than you should look elsewhere.
The weather can very harsh in the winter time. Tornadoes are not common but one does tend to threaten the area once every couple years.
Most of the people that live here have grown up here. Almost everyone knows everyone and are very friendly with each other.
You very seldom hear of many frequent crimes in this area.
We do not have many options, but of the stores we do have, they are good quality.
There are not many places for the locals to go, but we enjoy the local restaurants and historic places in town. Many people like to come and visit downtown, since it is a historic town.
We have a great State park in our area that many people enjoy spending time at.
Most people here know or are related to other people in the town. You will often see many people you know when going to town, and people are usually very friendly. It is not a widely diverse town, but there is some.
The public services are what we need them to be. It is a small town, so there are not many times that you will hear a police car go by, but if they do, they have good reaction times.
There are many different places to exercise, including private gyms, parks, and hiking trails. You will often find people talking about the trips they take to the state park to walk the different trails. Many people play sports for recreation, and there are many neighborhoods for people to run/walk/cycle in.
We do not have a lot of chain restaurants, but we have great local ones. They have amazing, healthy food that is often made with local products. There are many different varieties, too. Many people like to come to Madison just to try the food and visit the historic places.
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