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It's a plain town, nothing really to do in it, particularly. But, it isn't far from places with loads of stuff to do!
The area is nice and quiet, with lots of friendly neighbors and a nice school district. The town has everything-from food to shopping to activities-you are looking for or is close to places that can offer them.
My experience with Hanover Park is amazing. I grew up around warm and caring neighbors that always help me out and support me. I have lived in Hanover Park all my life. I have also attended a public elementary school in Hanover Park and learned how to grow as a person from the warm environment this school and neighborhood provided. The climate of this suburb is very family friendly due to many of the neighbors having children of their own and also due to the fact that this neighborhood consists of 2 elementary schools. Another positive aspect of Hanover Park is that it is located in a convenient spot regarding restaurants, drug stores, retail stores, and many other places to spend recreational time. On the other hand, a negative aspect of Hanover Park is that many people speed their cars during the night time which can threaten people's safety. Some residents are also known to blast their music late at night while other residents are trying to sleep.
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Hanover Park has a very safe neighborhood. The people here are nice and willing to help each other out.
I’ve lived here for about 8 years and it’s home. There’s immense diversity and it’s a safeness place to to live. Great to raise a family.
I have lived in Hanover Park all my life and it is a great place to be! There are plenty of family friendly places to go and things to do as well. The school system is also great and the kids are really taught well and given many opportunities to grow, learn, and become a part of the community. Overall, Hanover Park has a great sense of community for everyone to be involved in some way or another.
Living in Hanover Park is a nice friendly town with its homes in clusters as well as streets with nice stores. Being almost in the middle of larger towns, it is easy for residents to find what they need in close areas. Plus, depending on where you live, there's a high chance for families to live near a school for a reasonable price. It's great for large families with children.
I moved to Hanover Park in 1997. What drew me to the area was the Schaumburg school district, the affordability of the housing and the variety of businesses within walking distance as well as access to the Metra train station for a reasonable commute time to the city of Chicago. I've enjoyed my 21 years as a resident and have no regrets that I chose it as a place to raise my children. If I have any complaints at all, it is the Park District. I would like to see more offerings and maybe an indoor pool for the Winter months.
A nice, quiet, and safe neighborhood. Not much goes on around here but the children and schools are very good here.
When I first moved into Hanover park it was a beautiful neighborhood. Then bad people started to come in to ruin the neighborhood making a bad name out of it. In my townhouse the association was there to cut the grass and clean the snow and everything. Now in the single family house we have to do it ourselves but its fine. Police cars roam around once in a while to make sure everything is safe.
Overall, Hanover Park is a decent neighborhood with a plethora of community events and a great park district, but the constant criminal activity definitely keeps people from moving to Hanover Park. I have lived in Hanover Park for my entire life, and by far my largest concern is safety due to the horrid nature of both parents and children in the community.
Hanover Park is a wonderful suburb and community. Everyone minds their own business. There's plenty of police officers from the local suburbs paroling and watching for danger. Many of the road are also well taken care-of. The lawns and homes of people are also in-tact and crisp. The reason I didn't rate this an overall 5 was because the Air Quality Index is 92.7 which is worse than average. There could be some environmental changes. perhaps installing Air scrubbers to control pollution. Building a Greenhouse also would be super beneficial. Not only to this, but also the Earth it self. It will leave a smaller carbon foot print, and hopefully it will diminish global warming itself.
Quiet, great schools. Love the neighborhood and the metra is easily accessible. School is located within a 10 minute range and the afterschool care is near the school as well. The park districts are great and perfect for children.
Hanover Park is a calm neighborhood with little to no violence most of the time, and great diversity.
I just moved here, it's great so far. Just want to see a bit of cultural activities, some events, etc.
nice and quiet area very clean plenty of shopping nice people beautiful homes not a crime area everything is right in the area very convenient lots of places to dine nice night life.
The village does a good job of keeping it clean and looking nice. Recently they have been setting up events for families so the community can get together.
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Great neighborhood!!! Ive been a resident for 17 years. my kids have gone to elementary Jr. high and high school from the area and now attending community college. Shopping is close by as well as public transit.
We have been living here for about 3 1/2 years and we have had no complaints. It is a nice quiet area. My kids love it here and we feel safe. We have very friendly neighbors and have not had any issues. We have nearby stores and locations.
Generally quiet in some areas, lots of neighboring suburbs and schools, 1 fire department, 1 community bank, 3 apartment complexes, a small shopping center, a few gas stations, and a lot of kids (especially in the apartment complexes)
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