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I live in a very peaceful area of Hampton. The neighbors are friendly. The police are proactive in keeping the community safe.
Hampton is a city where basically you know majority of everyone in it. You either went to school together or someone you know went to school together. It is a high military area and retiree population.
I have lived here almost my whole life and would like to see more safety, more family activity options, and more small businesses.
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So far, my life in Virginia has been alright, I havent really been around a lot. I've seen I've seen people from all walks of life.
Nice area, plenty to do! I give it a rating of three stars because we are still relatively new to the area, so I can't say that I love it, but it is not a bad place to be located. Very close to the water, restaurants, shopping, and easy access to larger areas and entertainment.
It's a pretty good place but after awhile you'll get bored. Not much to do but surrounded by some great cities.
Hampton is alright. There are nearly no programs to help children who struggle with difficult behavior and there is a clear school to prison pipeline. There are nice places to live. Military and college will both feel welcome. Not quite the city environment, the city can feel very rural. Great diversity in the population but still over policed in certain areas.
I grew up in this area and attended local schools. This is a great place to raise a family. Opportunities are good but the wages leave something to be desired.
I have lived in Hampton most of my life. There have been a lot of changes, good and bad, but thats with anywhere really. They have a selection of beaches to choose from. It close to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, where there are tons of activities to choose from.
This area is in the midst of gentrifying. You get good neighborhoods butted right up against more crime affected neighborhoods. The people are friendly and the food's good. I like living here, but it doesn't stand out in any special way. No nightlife to speak of, it's very working class suburban sprawl.
I have only been here a month, and within that month there was a shooting down the street and my car got stolen. However, if you take those equations out, the scenery is beautiful.
I enjoy living in Hampton. It’s great being close to the beach. Everything you need is at the center of the city.
I like that some many locally owned business can be found in the area. Anything from bookstores to cupcake shops can be found within Hampton, most often within walking distance of each other. I do wish that there were community events such as downtown music nights or art parties to engage the more artistic side of the community.
I have lived in Hampton all of my life and is a great city. Years ago Hampton had not little business but moderate and now there are more business than you can imagine. Most neighborhoods are family-friendly and low income. The local mall that you visit is PTC and has several thriving businesses.
My experience here in Hampton is great. As a small city, it has a big city feel to it. The only thing I would fix are the roads and highways.
Hampton is a pretty good place to have grown up in. It's a city, but there's history behind the area and some of the architecture. Also, it's very special to have Fort Monroe as such an accessible beach.
Hampton is in a central location to Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and not far from Richmond or the Outer Banks. Slowly the city gets more entertaining things to do, but you likely need to travel outside the city to do something.
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The jet noise from the air force base is awful. I cannot use my house for the normal purposes of a house. The noise permeates inside, and we cannot sleep on days that we are sick, we cannot talk on the telephone, and we cannot watch TV. Right now we are under quarantine, and we are all trying to work from home. Zoom meetings are interrupted by the loud jet noise. This is definitely not a good place to work from home. The air force is using the entire city like it is military property.

Also, public behavior is quite bad here. Every time I go to the grocery store, someone is having a cell phone conversation on speaker phone. I quite frequently hear bad language in public.
The location of Hampton is very convenient. 30 minutes to Virginia Beach, many local restaurants and shopping near by and local universities within a short drive. In addition, home prices tend to be lower, allowing for young homebuyers to purchase affordable property.
It's so great here! The cost of living is less than for example, Virginia Beach, on the other side of the water. I have a consistent commute time: 30 minutes. Also, taking the bridge without tolls does not add to my commute time.
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