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Hamilton is beautiful horse farm land, is within 20 minutes of 4-5 different beaches and is quiet and peaceful, yet within a 45-50 minute drive from downtown Boston. A perfect living and vacation spot all year round!
I love Hamilton. The schools are great and there is an awesome community theatre. There is also a great veterinarian’s office and lots of great restaurants and parks and hiking trails.
the free composting program is a great addition to the town, each resident gets 5 gallons of compost a year in exchange for putting food waste into the green barrels provided.
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Great suburb but there is nothing to do past 7 pm and it’s very expensive. The schools here are great and the community is amazing. I don’t ever need to lock my door on my car or house and I never have to worry about my safety.
Hamilton is a genuine community! People here help each other and are always willing to provide other with helpful advice and tip on how to navigate the town better.
A Beautiful town with parks on every corner. The best place North of Boston to raise a family - schools are phenomenal and it is close to all the larger North Shore cities have to offer.
Small wealthy community. It is a very safe place to raise children and conduct business. I wish it were more diverse, the entire population appears to be white, minus college students and seminarians. Overall a nice place though the cost of living is enormous.
Housing is expensive, but the homes are nice and usually very well taken care of. Many of them are quite old.
Lots of locally-owned small businesses, which is very nice. There are also some local chains, but I have not generally been impressed by them.
Lots of low-wage jobs that are good for students, otherwise most job opportunities are small businesses.
Violent crime is low, don't know about white-collar crime.
I do not know much about searching for employment in this area, but the people here are generally citizens who are already financially secure people and therefore do not need to search for employment.
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