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Gurnee has been amazing to live in because of how large it is and how many different things there are to do
Gurnee is a town with a lot of opportunity and growth. This town has a lot of entertainment and shopping. In addition, the schools are very good with dedicated staff. Overall, Gurnee is a great town.
Overall Gurnee is a safe place. There is an amusement park five minutes away from where I live. I love to hear the screams because I know they're having fun. I am in a protective, and have lovely neighbors that I wave to whenever we make eye contact and lots of dogs! I love dogs. I love seeing citizens take a jog because I know they're pushing themselves to stay healthy. Gurnee is a place that's considered "rich" compared to other cities such as Zion, North Chicago, and Waukegan. There is no such thing as being "rich" because we're all the same. Maybe because our district is considered better academic wise. I want everyone to feel equal. Gurnee is the suburbs of Chicago. Gurnee is filled with social, caring, and motivating people. One day, Gurnee will be the opposite of what I see years from now... And that is a good thing.
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A very pleasant neighborhood with friendly neighbors. Everyone is helpful and is culturally diverse. A lot of food places to choose from nearby. Gurnee mills and Six flags is our asset. Our Gurnee donut is another speciality we have. The trail is very clean and nice to use if you want to be active and want to be in nature.
Its a good neighborhood, but the property taxes are terrible. It is a safe area with lats of good restaurants around it.
Gurnee is a nice town to live and many things are in close proximity. I feel safe living here and there are many things to do such as Six Flags Great America and Gurnee Mills Mall. I cannot speak much for the schools as I have not attended any public schools in the area but the community college is a really great opportunity and they offer a wide variety of classes and activities.
I have lived in Gurney, IL all my life. It is a very pretty, family friendly community with a diverse culture. There is plenty of shopping, movies and restaurants to enjoy. And don't forget Six Flags Great America makes its home in Gurnee.
Even though there is not an actual downtown area, Gurnee has many community activities for people of all ages. There is always something going on.
Gurnee is a town with all sorts of places to visit and people to see. As my hometown and current location of residence, I think Gurnee has a lot to offer. We have a mall, an ice rink, an indoor water park, a huge theme park, and even a bundt cake shop! Lots of unique stores and exciting activities to do! Definitely would recommend if you're looking for somewhere to have an easy life or if you just want to have an exciting weekend out of the city.
It's just an average suburb. Aside from the schools, there isn't much that makes it stand out from the rest.
Gurnee is a great place to live. I have lived there for 10+ years and have met many wonderful people and friends in the area. Also I got to go to a top notch school in my district with teachers who loved coming to work to educate and help me grow as an individual. I feel Gurnee has prepared me for my college life at Western Michigan University!
It is a nice and peaceful neighborhood that has great attractions such as Six Flags Great America and Gurnee Mills. The number of stores are phenomenal meaning that you are never too far from a store and It is always accessible. Another great thing about Gurnee are the schools. For elementary, intermediate, and midddle school, you could go to Woodland or Viking which are both great schools that give stucdents a good education and a good variety of sports to play. Then Warren Township High School is a great high school with challenging classes that definetly prepare you for college.
Moved here April 2018. October 2019, decided to move out. Close to Waukegan, with abandoned shopping strips and homeless beggars on every corner. Pollution can be smelled when the wind is coming from the east. ETO from two plants, one IN Gurnee as well as in Waukegan is causing cancer concerns for residents. Nice bike trails that are often flooded. Halloween is held on the Saturday before Halloween during the middle of the day, my first major disappointment. City is bland and characterless. Displaced coyotes roaming at night, eating house pets. Mayor is a feckless figurehead. Outrageous taxes; they spend money foolishly on premature road replacements, etc. It’s a cookie cutter city with mostly chain restaurants and shopping centers and beggars in the parking lots/exits. Lots of flooding issues. Getting out, hopefully in the spring of 2020, assuming we can find someone to buy our house. Last straw was a coyote snatching our cat off of our deck. I hate this town.
I enjoy that Gurnee contains a lot of youth. It it always nice to see younger generations which allows me to hopefully find ways to be a role model to them. Gurnee is safe in my opinion, and the public school systems that Gurnee has are great. Approaching to be 18, I have noticed how Gurnee continues to develop, whether it is construction or the desire to get the community closer together. One thing I would like to see change in Gurnee, is raising more awareness about certain circumstances that may be harmful to the younger generation- Although that may be a stand the community needs to take. Overall, I enjoy the town that I live in and am happy to say I am a proud resident.
It's a nice suburban area with plenty to do. We have the outlet mall, great restaurants and 6 flags!
Gurnee is a paradise for all. I love that there is a Six Flags in town with crazy coasters (a few record-breaking). People can go shopping for anything they want at our enormous mall (in the top 100 largest malls in the world!). On top of that, there is plenty to keep people busy. From eating to playing and swimming and riding, there are endless opportunities to take yourself through!
It's a quaint area. Although quiet and peaceful, there are many things to do for fun nearby. Six flags is minutes away from the mall, and many restaurants and chains within the vicinity. Gurnee is not only a great place for kids and teens but adults can also take a stroll through the parks and enjoy the breeze.
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Love this town, great location and lots to do year round. Schools are excellent and we have a great Mayor and council that cares. Very safe and easy to get around. As a business owner everything I need is only 5 minutes away. 25 years and loving it.
I have lived in Gurnee for 25 years. I have loved this location. I live in a great subdivision with no Association fees and love it.
This town is being ran by a real group of idiots. They do nothing to enforce their own ordinances and go as far as harassing you with police if you complain.
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