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If you want to actually go to a gym there's only one place and that's the community center. You can't get in without a membership. I see a handful of people who run. We don't have any kinds of doctors, dentists, hospitals etc. in the area. You have to go to a different town for that.
I have only called the police twice. Once was when my cousin was having a seizure and they only sent a cop car, no ambulance! The second was for a shooting from a bad drug deal from my neighbors. I called the police and I gave them specific directions and address and they just sped right on by.
Where I live our house is located in a flood zone. We can't get any kind of preparations to try and stop it because of the farm lands around us. They wont let us build anything because it might hurt their crops or something.
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restaurant wise we have a Mexican place and that's pretty much it. It's not that good either.
There's nothing to do at all in England for anyone. There's only one "big" convenience store and that's Kroger. The Kroger is small compared to others and they don't have a lot of products, plus they are pretty expensive. There is nothing to do for the teenagers, they hang out in the flower shop parking lot. the town has died down in numbers population wise and business wise.
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