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Guilford Township Reviews

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Typically Indiana weather but the only real issue is tornado season and severe thunderstorms. Occasionally sever winter weather.
Not too terrible. Part time jobs and low skill full time jobs.
It's a small town not a city so night life is limited
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Lots of local businesses. Mostly everything is available.
few jobs with bad quality
not the best but there are some options
there are quite a few but they never are very successful
There are many suburban neighborhoods with cookie cutter houses and non existent yards. There are parts in each town that are vacant. Some places have actually went out of business and others have moved to a different location and the building remains empty.
There is a good variety of fitness/gym locations. If you want to go to a gym, you can easily find one. Everyone is different so I cannot say how physically active people are as a whole. We have plenty of hospitals around the area. I work at a riding stable so I stay active during the day.
Although there is not much to do, we do have plenty of parks and restaurants. I would not mind living here if I could find a good paying job suited to my lifestyle. I am studying to be an equine veterinarian so I am hoping to move to horse country AKA Lexington or Ocala.
There is nothing in my town. It is a normal suburban town. Lots of places to eat, but most are chain restaurants. The closest thing is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
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