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Friendly neighbors and lots of forest trails for walks make this a haven for families and dog owners.
Nice town for younger families, but expensive. The town is pretty gentrified, most people being rich/upper middle class. The schools (especially the high school) only care about scoring high in accreditation and their sports teams, if I'm being honest. They also don't do much when it comes to bullying situations, although they preach about their anti-bullying policy to the students and parents.
However, safety is pretty high, there's rarely any crime. A couple of smaller businesses, which is charming and encourages people to shop small. There are three dunkin donuts in town, and two private schools. The library is incredible, with a playground and field for the kids.
I would only recommend moving here if you're a young family, retired, you're a farmer, or your family is super into participating in sports.
A nice, quiet, quaint little town, the location of Groton School. Where cows & chickens quite possibly outnumber people, and where people can leave their doors open all day with no fear.
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Groton Massachusetts is small colonial style town with little to no crime rate. Groton is a very tightknit town with great public schools and possibilities.
I’ve lived all all over the country and love Groton. Schools (including SpEd) are fantastic. Lots to do either in Groton or close by. It may be a quiet town, but my family loves it and we have the best neighbors!
Groton is very safe with great schools. It's different from most other Boston, suburbs in that there are way more woods, trails, and cows than almost everything else. If you're an avid hiker, mountain biker, or outdoor enthusiast with children this is the best location for you near Nashua and Boston. It can be somewhat expensive to live here, like most MA suburbs, but it is so worth it. I've lived here for 4 years and loved it.
Groton is a pleasant and cute town with great historical stuff, but I personally have just never felt quite at home here. I've had lots of great opportunities here and I'm very thankful for them, but I don't think I could move back once I've graduated high school.
Wonderful area to raise a family. The town is developing into more a destination community without experiencing over-development.
I've lived in Groton my whole life, it is small but decent. It is quiet and has a lot of beautiful farm land.
The town is mid sized, and very spread out. Not much in the town center, but it is growing and changing every day. Easy to get on and off the highway, and the neighborhoods are beautifully well kept. Ideally, i would like to live closer to Boston and have less of a commute to school.
A lot of people say Groton is a great place to live, and I agree with them. However some people I went to school with would love for Groton to have more diversity. I personally think at the moment Groton is expanding its downtown and I think it is just lovely, a brand new historic inn is under construction, I'm very excited.
nice quite town with laid back life style. easy drive to multiple towns. one of the oldest towns in the US
Quiet neighborhoods. woodsy/ beautiful scenery. Lots of wildlife to see! Abundance of marked trails to hike all over town.
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There is not much crime in town
Great place to raise a family, safe and quiet
I honestly have never experienced any crime while in Groton. There's been more escaped cows than dangerous happenings here.
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The reason I say okay, is because the town is very small with relatively few amenities. Te taxes are high here in Groton, and yet we get no trash service, there's not public pool, or other public facilities. The school system is slowly cutting other extra curricular things, and the diversity of the town has remained quite stagnant at rich and white. While there are many benefits to living in this town, I would say there are plenty of downsides which should cause one to pause before moving here.
There is a very low crime rate, almost non-existent crime. Police are visible and patrol all areas frequently by car, motorcycle and bicycle in remote areas such as wooded bike paths and back streets.
This is a great place for young families with children and probably for older people because it is quiet but there is not a lot going on for teenagers and people in their 20's.

Schools are good, town is safe and quiet.
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