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Grimesland Township Reviews

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There are not very many crimes committed in the area.
The area is not crowded with houses. A country-like atmosphere.
There is a great deal of gangs and issues in certain parts

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We have not lived here for very long, we are getting used to it but there aren't a lot of activities that we are interested in. I'm not sure I would choose to live here again.
The people in Greenville, NC are very friendly. There is the southern hospitality which makes visitor feel welcomed and relaxed. With a major university (East Carolina Univeristy) and also an excellent community college, Pitt Community, Greenville is very welcoming to newcomers.
The major transportation mode in this area is by personal vehicle. However, the roads are pedestrian/bicyclist friendly which include a bike land for those who choose to bike to work and/or school. There is also public transportation including bus and/or taxi service.
In the area, there is the Green Mill Run Greenway in Greenville, NC. This walk area is carved out for people who enjoy walking, biking, or just enjoying nature. With its course within the woods near the Tar River, it has a piece of nature everyone can enjoy!
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