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This is a great town and many services! There are many local holiday events which are geared toward young families. The schools are really challenging and help students suceed.

I would like to see more events for seniors and empty nesters. Also, there could be more restaurants that are not chains. The safety of our neighborhoods is hard to navigate because whenits cold people pull in their garages. You have a hard time telling who belongs in the neighborhood or possibly a potential threat. You get a lot of real estate for your money compared to other big markets and the schools as I said prior just great! The town has a lot of nightlife to offer such as comedy club, movie theaters and lots of breweries. Again, wish more were not chains and not so expensive. Most places offer happy hour prices and hours but if just lower prices so families could have a nice night out. $15 pp is a lot on a weekly or twice a month basis. I cook more at home now that I ever have...
It is such a safe, fun, and interesting. There is so much to do and see, along with beautiful greenery and safety
Greenwood Village is your typical suburban city. Cherry Creek (the school district) is one of the best in the state and prepares you extremely well in life. In addition, the safety of the city matches no others. Also, beautiful scenery of the mountains!
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quite place near DTC, job nearby, schools, no safety issues, 500$ reimbursement for rec activities, light rail access, i25 access, restaurants access. Its expensive for real estate. Diversity for population
Great city and is very family friendly and safe. Overall, higher on the socioeconomic scale and the majority are very affluent. There's community events and is an easy commute to the heart of downtown Denver. The city is clean, well paved and has lots of parks and greenspaces. The city is well funded and it shows. Lots of outdoor activities to do the greenbelts and the Cherry Creek Reservoir. There's great restaurants and lots of shops. Highly recommend.
Greenwood Village is a great place to raise a family. The schools are excellent, there are plenty of activities for the family, and having a state park as your neighbor isn’t half bad either. Plenty of paths and restaurants and easy access to highway and rail. Big fans of GV.
Greenwood Village is the best place I could have grown up in. I have always felt save and involved in my community. I love how everyone in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods has a connection and we are all friends with each other.
Greenwood village is a beautiful, convenient city that contains great public education with schools such as Cherry Creek High School.
I moved into this neighborhood around an year ago and I love how there's a park near us so we have a place to workout in a good weather, and there are small cafes like Einstein Bagel's , Subway, Starbucks, etc in a walking distance. Everyone is kind in the neighborhood because we all respect each other's privacy. One thing I'd like to change is probably the cost of the houses; it's a really expensive area.
This is where my grandma lives and it is where I grew up. I can remember coming here a lot when she babysat my sisters and I. Now, as a teen, I absolutely love coming to the neighborhood. It is active, safe, and clean. I hope I can one day live here +!
Coming from the East Coast, Greenwood Village is a major change of pace. The differences make it interesting. However, Greenwood Village can get quite mundane if you are an outgoing person.
Greenwood Village is amazing! The schools, from Campus Middle School to Cherry Creek HS, are all top-tier, the annual GWV day is always fun, and the parks are top quality -- with disc golfing!
Greenwood Village is a very respectacle neighborhood. Unfortunately the schools are a part of the Cherry Creek School District, which is a down side to me. Most people lover Cherry Creek School. There is Cherry Creek State Park nearby and lots of family activities to get involved with.
Greenwood Village is a great 'up and coming' area. The Denver Tech Center is part of this area so there are lots of businesses and professionals. Great restaurants, schools, closeby malls and shopping. I would like to see faster developmental growth.
A mix of high rises and multi-million dollar homes, Greenwood Village is a unique blend of high end living with beautiful landscapes and well profiting businesses. Safe and comfort are a given in this neighborhood filled with family friend trails and easy to navigate road ways.
Excellent place to raise a family! Good state park in area and other great kid friendly parks! Excellent schools and close proximity to Denver.
I really enjoy the Greenwood Village area. There are a decent amount of restaurants and stores within a close range. Traffic is minimal and highways are easy accessible.
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Greenwood Village has been a great neighborhood to live in. I feel safe all the time and there are lots of great restaurants. Two things that I wish were better is that there should be more night life and also the cost of living is very expensive. We wanted to buy a house in the area or nearby, but it was impossible. We got outbid in every single offer. Other than those two things, the Greenwood Village area is great to live in.
Greenwood Village is a very safe neighborhood. It is well maintained and very friendly. The local police maintain police presence not that its needed but its a nice piece of mind. The schools in the area are safe and very good. This is a family area with great places to eat and awesome family parks! Also great places for family outings such as jump street and the movies. There are also places for just mom and dad to go if they want to have a date night.
The cost of housing is high. The apartment I live cost between 2,300-2,500 a month and the houses cost almost a million dollars. The houses are beautiful and the neighborhood offers a lot from good schools to a variety of food, but the cost of housing is too much.
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