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I like that it is small, but big enough to have great stores and yummy restaurants. There is a beautiful lake in the county with a great state park. My family, which consists of two young kids and my spouse love living here.
Greenwood, SC is an okay place to live. There are a lot of restaurants and some shopping. There is not a lot to do for the younger generation or young professionals. The job market is also scarce.
Over the years Greenwood has began to go downhill. There’s been a slight increase in crime that is becoming concerning. Aside from that, the town itself is nice. There are different festivals throughout the year that attract lots of people and are very fun to attend. Even with Lander University being there, the town is still not too overrun with college students. At times it can be a very relaxed place and a good town for those who prefer a more laid back lifestyle.
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Greenwood is a pretty small town, but an amazing place to live. The people are generally very nice and great to be around no matter where you go. There are so many things to do such as go to the lake, movies, bowling, and any restaurant you could imagine. The weather is also amazing. Summers are hot, and the winters are just like. All seasons are amazing and very much bearable. The town itself is also very safe in my opinion. There is very little to no crime, which comes from having such great people that reside here. If you’re looking for an all around great reputation for a town, Greenwood just might be your place.
Not much activities do in Greenwood, but the town is very supportive and the community is so tight. I love it here, that's why I'm staying in Greenwood to attend one of their colleges.
Greenwood is small town but is starting to grow as more companies come into the area. I would like for it to create more places for the teenage population as there isn't much to do there at the moment.
The faculty, staff and administrators are very supportive. I transferred from Spartanburg Methodist College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and it was a 2 year institution. I decided to go there first because I wanted to get the feel of college life. I had a great experience. I decided to further my education by attending Lander College in Greenwood, South Carolina where I also found the environment to much the same.
Greenwood is a great place to raise a family and to plan your retirement here. Great schools with awesome teachers and overall a wonderful town.
For a small town, Greenwood has a lot. Greenwood contains everything you need to survive college and life comfortably without a a high price tag. I moved to greenwood to attend Lander in 2011 and haven't left. It's central to Greenville, Columbia, Aiken/Augusta, and Atlanta. It's also growing. We have a lot of production around; Colgate, Eaton, and Fuji to name a few. This has caused growth to add places like Publix, Panera, Yep It's Yogurt, Petco, and Lidl. Then we have a wide variety of local favorites. The Millhouse, Kickers, and Fusion are great places to visit. It's home to the festival of flowers and the festival of discovery (barbecue). I just wish there was a bit more in terms of marketing opportunities. I have been unable to find a job in my field in the area and am commuting to Greenville. It's not a bad drive. One hour, back Highway, barely any traffic.
Greenwood is a very small town in South Carolina. It welcomed my family with open arms at first, but we will soon be moving back to Connecticut. The south has not suited our family.
Greenwood SC is a wonderful place to live, work, and attend school. I made the right decision choosing to attend Lander University to get my Bachelors Degree.
Greenwood is a college town but locals are very friendly. Lot of things to do and the campus of Lander University keeps it very lively.
There are registered sex offenders that live close by. Although police are responsive, they are not proactive at preventing crimes in my neighborhood. They are only present when they receive a call.
The crime in this area is not bad as some inner cities in this country. However, there has been a rise in crime since last year. There are some registered sex offenders that live nearby. Living in close proximity to them makes me very anxious and concerned for my safety. I used to feel safe walking alone in my neighborhood, now I don't. Break-ins in the neighborhood have increased. In the near future, I feel that crime is going to get worse. More children are getting involved in illegal activity.
Boring. Nothing for kids to do in urban areas.
There is not really any crime that I have seen. Everyone keeps to themselves.
Greenwood is a beautiful place to live. There are nice people all around.
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The crime rate is low
The best place to live
The weather here is pretty great! During the winter it's cold but not as cold as up north and in the Summer it's hot but not intolerable. This is not an area where you constantly have to worry about a hurricane, earthquake, a drought or much of anything else.
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