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Nice college town home of the Pirates. Good place to go and visit like the mall and shopping centers. Their are a lot of good people in this city and that's what make this a great place to live.
Greenville is a normal college town. There really isnt much to do here besides alright food and small attractions. Downtown is slowly growing but its overcrowded and the roads are always under construction.
A friendly college town. I have lived in this area for the past four and a half years. The people are for the most part friendly and kind, what you would expect from a college town. That also brings out the rowdy college students who tend to leave the ground littered with cups and beer bottles. I work in the public school system and can say there is a lot more that could be done for improvement however that can only come from the state level.
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Greenville is a college town with a lot of younger people. In 28 years, I have never had an automobile accident; that changed the first few months of being here. The first accident, a Greenville trash truck side swiped me in an intersection; my second accident (only a few months later) a college freshman t-boned in through a different intersection. Traffic here is terrible with unfocused children. The positives of Greenville include a low cost of living, a small town feel while having everything necessary within a 10min drive, and plenty of part time job opportunities.
I met some of my favorite people here and the college atmosphere is great. Cost of living is low, as well. I just wish there were more things to do besides clubbing, the movies, or bowling for weekend activities.
The area around ECU is very student-friendly with a lot of resources nearby. The traffic can be a bit irritating here and there but it is inevitable.
I have been in Greenville all my life and a lot has changed so far. They are building so many different things in Greenville to make people want to come and visit. I like Greenville they have affordable housing in nice neighborhood along with nice schools. I think people who move to Greenville would love it if they want to leave the fast life because Greenville is not as fast pace as Atlanta.
Greenville is growing very rapidly. I was born and raised here and wouldn't trade it for the world. Greenville is most known for East Carolina University but also has other well known things which were born here. First and foremost Pepsi Cola has a home here and Greenville is also on the map for tabacco.
Greenville is an amazing city for anyone wanting affordable living. Most jobs pay enough to maintain a nice lifestyle. It is a medical city so anyone in nursing, physicians and or clinical staff would love the opportunities here.
I truly have enjoyed my life here in Greenville. It has been about 6 years ago since I moved here and even though it is a small town, there is much love in it. Greenville is a wonderful place to live and it is getting bigger, if I ever move I will miss it terribly.
Greenville has ups and downs. It is not very big and there are some crime and party issues, but ultimately, it is a good town to live in. It is one of the better places to live in Eastern NC and there is quite a bit of growth taking place. More businesses are opening up and creating jobs. There are also a lot of improvements being made to make the more run-down areas look better. Most of the people here are friendly and there are endless restaurant options to choose from. ECU and Pitt Community College are also two positive aspects of this area that help make Greenville a better area to live in. I would recommend living here.
Beautiful city and full of opportunities for young professionals. The city is continously growing and the current development is beautiful.
I have lived in the city of Greenville for about four years now, and it is a very busy town indeed. There are quite a few things that you can do here, and I absolutely love their nature parks. We have an amazing college here as well, which is ECU which is also the same college in which Sandra Bullock attended.
I like the people in Greenville and resources like the hospital and university here. It also has nice parks. However, the city lacks basic infrastructure such as street lights and sidewalks, has an inefficient public transportation, and has an airport that needs to be upgraded to planes that are not run down and constantly delayed.
I have lived in Greenville for the majority of my life and it has been really good. I also love all of the construction/work being done. It is nice to see the city that I have grown up in be underway to expanding. It is a big difference from a long time ago.
It’s a good city for colleges kids focused on school. Could be more places of buisness marketed towards young adults.
Greenville is a wonderful small town that everyone will enjoy. From amazing restaurants, to bowling alleys, ECU, downtown Greenville, you will find people who enjoy making friends and connecting with each other. Greenville is a loving community of people
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I like going to school at ECU. The town itself is okay. Downtown is full of nightlife and things to do. There are lots of parks to visit and shops to go to. There are also lots of good restaurants to eat at.
Greenville is a growing city, however, very family oriented. I would love to see more affordable things for children.
Have more attractions like food place have now been here for years does not give anything and same goes places to hang out and what not. The mall could be bigger. I have to travel to Raleigh and other town because Greenville Mall be running out sock and does not have a large selection.
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