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Most housing is upscale compareed to normal suburban houses
People who grew up in the area either love it and never leave, or want to get away. It is nice but people can be obsessive about their kids and family to a annoying level.
I feel very safe where I live. The streets in my neighborhood are well lit and cars do not drive extremely fast. I don't see abandoned houses or lots with broken glass or graffiti, like I do in the city for example. I feel like everyone works to keep the area safe and clean because it's very family friendly.
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I personally love the area in which I live. It's nice and quiet, very family oriented. A lot of neighbors have kids and pets. It's a friendly area and generally clean, too. I would choose to live here again because I enjoy the quiet, suburban lifestyle that Cherry Hill brings.
You don't hear about too many crimes and if there's something it's usually well taken care of.
Its schools are overly glorified while the students themselves are miserable, but also accepting of diversity. Good places to shop, roads are almost always in poor condition, but everything else is generally well kept and clean. Where does your money from paying high taxes go? No one truly knows.
There is nothing bad about the area, however there is also nothing to brag about or is that great.
Cherry Hill has a peacful atmosphere. Neighbors help out other neighbors as well as invite people to their house for parties. If I were to choose where to live, I would choose here. I see that this city will augment into a place where people will want to live here
If schools get the correct funding it will stay great
Variety of businesses all over town.
Sometimes the weathers nice, sometimes it's really really hot or really really cold. So I don't like or dislike the weather here.
Great local family businesses in the area. Also some really good food chains.
Lots of great local restaurants and businesses to go to in the area
It's close to Philadelphia and not too far away from DC and NYC so there are a lot of potential job opportunities around the tri-state area.
Most of the stores around here are now higher end and there aren't that many mom and pop stores.
The environment is great but the price is high.
The taxes is too high.
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It is a nice and safe neighborhood.
During winter, there are frequent winter storm.
The job opportunity in this area is fair.
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