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Current student here at UNCG. Its alot to do here as far as activities and lots of places to shop at
Greensboro is a progressive sort of city, it's very hot and cold with crime, and let's be real it's NC so public schools often have common core that doesn't really teach much of anything. Houses are expensive but there's plenty of banks that are doing well enough to get loans from right out the gate if you have good enough credit, the nightlife in the core of the city is actually pretty good though from what I've heard. Commutes can be rough. Greensboro is kind of a big city with a lot of traffic.
My experience in Greensboro is great. The one thing I like about Greensboro it is always something to do. The one thing I would change is the people. People are so rude here.
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Greensboro is the best place ever because it too safe for families and it has a great schools, colleges& universities. Greensboro is the best city ever.
Greensboro is an active city with many things to do! This city has a strong historical background and features many tourist activities. This is also the city of many colleges.
I like that Greensboro is spread out, yet there are many different things that you can do. Greensboro is considered a city and while you get those city vibes you also get those rural, country vibes as well.
Airports - Greensboro's airport never convenient. You'll always have drive to Charlotte or Raleigh. Unless you like layovers and wasting time.
Schools - Honestly, we do not have any children. From what we hear no one enrolls their children in public school. Everyone goes to private school. This is very expensive. You can google the ranking of schools in NC. They are low.
Safety- This literally is the safest city/town I have ever lived in. People from NC are scared to walk the streets for some reason.
Family friend- I'd say this is a good place to raise a family if you want to be bored and want to take care of children.
Jobs - I say it's pretty hard to get a specialist job here. Several people we have met have to commute to other cities because Greensboro lacks in jobs. I guess it really depends on what you want to do.
I like the community. You can generally find something fun to do. Things are close together. There is something for everyone. People are pretty open and friendly.
Greensboro is a great place, it isn't too big but it's not super small. I enjoy the local activities that take place in Greensboro.
I would like to see more diversity in Greensboro, as a minority, I don't meet other people of color much, but the amount of minorities in the area has been slowly increasing.
Greensboro is a nice place to go to and settle down if you're used to living out in the country of even if you came from somewhere like NY, there is a place for everyone
I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. Greensboro is a great city for families, college students and elderly people. Greensboro is a small city of loving people that work hard and support each other. There are many small businesses in Greensboro, Great for a weekend of shopping. Some of North Carolina's Top Universities such as University North Carolina Greensboro and North Carolina A&T University are located in Greensboro. The city provides beautiful historic parks with creative playgrounds and breath taking trails. Greensboro also have some of the best hospitals in the state. Moses Cone Hospital constantly expands to cater to every single patient's needs. Greensboro focuses on youth growth by providing affordable youth activities such as T-ball and cheer leading. Greensboro is a great safe town to live a comfortable life regardless of lifestyle.
Greensboro is a great city to grow up in. It is very family friendly with lots of green areas, as well as, more urban areas. There are lots of museums and activities for all ages. Schools are excellent and the community is wonderful!
It’s several colleges here and surrounding area. The area really focuses on developing post secondary students.
I was born and raised in Winston Salem, which is30 miles from Greensboro. I moved to Greensboro 5 years ago & it has been amazing. The City has the nicest people, at least where I've been! It has a lively downtown, hence the nightlife is just amazing here. It's a college downtown so the prices aren't very high.
My city has grown and keeps growing. We have major companies building new hubs here creating new jobs. Our education system is getting better and our teachers are in process of fighting for better conditions in our schools. The air is clean and the water is better than many other places. We have local growers so we have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and may varieties of grocery stores so there is something for everyone. Our highway system is a highly rated access system to all major transportations that the companies need when considering landing here.
If you're tired of living in highly dense areas like New York City and want to live life slow, Greensboro is the place for you.
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I like that there is so much stuff to do. I don't like the crime rate in the part of that i am located in. There is lots of stuff to do here and that is great. The bus systems that are available for my college are great and very useful.
Greensboro is a city with many different opportunities and ways of getting jobs. When going downtown you can enjoy nightlife with a variety of restaurants and bars. It’s as family friendly as can get as well with there being a wouderful park in the middle of downtown with many events help weekly even daily with concerts or you can watch movies on the lawn on Fridays.
I love Greensboro. Grew up and have lived here all my life. Would continue living here if it wasn’t for relocating to pursue another degree.
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