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Greenfield is a small quiet town where people support the schools. The job market is scarce and the drug usage is high.
It's an old village with some nice history to it. There is not much to do in town as its mostly fast food places or closed buildings. There are some original houses that can be toured at certain times but thats about it.
It's a pretty small town and you know just about everyone. A lot of people here are friendly and the school is pretty big in the community. Sports are pretty big here too and the students are very supportive.
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Greenfield, Ohio is a town that was once filled with industry and people. There were enough jobs for all of its individuals and it was an overall beautiful town. Through the years Greenfield has become more dilapidated the industry has slowly left. People have turned more and more to drugs and alcohol and the town has went nowhere rather quickly. Most people are not friendly neighbors that help the neighborhood out, because the times, with drugs and criminals, have made people rather callused. I would really like to see Greenfield come back. I think that the police force needs a complete overhaul. I know the cops that are in the force are friends with to many people and have dealt with the same people for so many years that they are a little to lenient on them. I think that if some of that crime and drugs could be taken care of this once booming town could be that once again. This would bring more people and industry and this town could be a nice town again.
I grew up in Greenfield my entire life and have great pride in my small community and the high school. If someone is driving and blinks they could miss Greenfield in that little amount of time. The town is very small and needs business. There are many empty store fronts in the heart of town that have great potential. History is flowing out of the town with several Ohio Historical landmarks. If more business was brought to Greenfield it could be restored to its full glory and shine to others like I believe it does.
There could be cheaper stores here.
There could be more jobs moved here. There are plenty of people here that want to work in my area but they are just not enough jobs here.
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