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Its quiet and less populated and it has plenty of places to just disappear and walk for hours It's so pretty and it's green and there's no city folk
Forced to install septic system, with $100/mo bill for only sewage. Township is small, taxes are high. Conveniently located close to town, but still far enough in the country for snowmobiling and livestock.
The area is nice, however there really isn't much for the kids to do outside of school. The township should consider putting in a YMCA.
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The attraction was a small town that is not to far from major metro areas. Upon moving to the area, the county had the lowest property tax in the state, but that is no more. To improve the area, enforcement of laws such as pet nuisance and parking would reduce frustration.
Greene Township is a great place to grow up. The neighborhoods are quiet and the neighbors all get along. It is a nice country setting yet it is close to the city and all of its amenities.
No matter where I am in Chambersburg, I feel safe. If I wasn't in kept up to date with the media, I would not know about any crime in Chambersburg. The police are great, whether making sure residents follow the laws or protecting the community!
Chambersburg is a very good area to live in. The area is very largely populated, which means larger schools with great teachers and more and more businesses are being built! Chambersburg is a place where you can choose to live in the city or you can live in the country but you are always close to town.
As I live in a rental apartment in a residential area the crime rate in very low, I feel safe in the area.
Crime in my area has been going down.
My experience in living in the area I live in has been very positive. I live in a residential area, it is quiet and a safe area.

We have a good school system, new employment opportunity regularly, the crime rate is low. At this time I could see myself raising a family here some day.
There are many restaurants in this area but many of them offer the same food choices. There is also not a lot of night life places because PA does not have a great liquor license. Some of the popular restaurants would be red robin and olive garden.
The housing in this area is great, although it is somewhat expensive now days. There are very few houses in this neighborhood that are for sale therefore more houses are being built.
There are new businesses being brought to this area but the mall is going down hill. It is also very hard to find jobs within the healthcare system in this area.
There isn't much that goes on here crime wise. I mean there's a few cases of things happening but many people feel safe and say that this is an area they see fit for raising kids.
Local businesses in this area are decent but they don't stay in business long.
It could always be better, but they get the job done
They could make the recycling easier
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Its a mix of good and bad
Would like more vegetarian and unique resturants
Tons to do, tons of places to go, eat, shop.
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