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DO NOT live here...taxes are unnecessarily too high, employees in gov't offices are unnecessarily wicked, angry, nasty and rude. The sanitation guys are nice...that's it though. All other employees are drinking poisonous Kool Aid. They are monsters and the town fines for EVERYTHING. It's much easier to do business with the mafia.
I'd like to see more development concerning businesses and things to do. There aren't many things to do in Greenburgh.
My experience living in Greenburgh helped mold me into the man I man today. I am truly blessed and thankful to have lived in such a wonderful environment for the last six years. Greenburgh is a very close-knit community where the residents are constantly finding ways to help one another. The community has a very high participation rate when it comes to community service. Also, the community supports the high school athletic events, school talent shows and more. Greenburgh is a wonderful place to live.
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My experience living in Greenburgh has been excellent. Every time I see the realtor that introduced me to this quaint community I have to thank her. There were a lot of things about this community that was wonderful, but what drew me most was the diversity. The people are caring and I was impressed with the town officials and their transparency to the shareholders. We have plenty of stores, parks and there are a lot of activities the whole family can participate in, but if I could, I would add more sidewalks. It's really hard to walk certain areas because you have to walk on the road and it can be quite dangerous.
Shooting in the area a few months ago; otherwise good
Westchester is a great area; one of the best in the country to live in, in my opinion.
We don't have a bad crime rate. You don't hear of any crime going on in my town
It's great, I would live here again. I just wish stores stayed open later
I don't think I would choose to live here again. Westchester is an extremely expensive area, there are other places to live for more of your money.
No relevant or notable crime in the 19 years I have lived there.
My community is overall calm environment.
Cost of white plains is expensive, so this is expected. Do not like that most of these houses are ranch style.
People tend to live here for a really long time. I haven't seen any new neighbors or anything, we've been here since 2002.
Haven't seen or heard of any crimes in a while. It's usually quiet here.
I would choose to live here again, wish taxes weren't so high but this is white plains.
I've really loved living in Tarrytown. There's many things to do because there are many different small towns next to each other that line the Hudson River. My parents moved up here from NYC in the early 1990s to try and have a child, and they did! There are many historic sites around Tarrytown like the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, the house of Washington Irving, Philipsburg Manor, and the Rockefeller property! Many "mom and pop", small business shops inhabit Tarrytown with many fabulous and healthy restaurants. Our public and private schools for children in the area are unmatched! We also have the Tarrytown Musical Hall which is a historic building that has many famous acts come to preform. Tarrytown has a very close-knit and eclectic group of people living in it. I would never want to live anywhere else.
The cost of living and tax are very expensive. Especially, home prices are too expensive. There are not many good and reasonable restaurants around here.
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All houses are very nice, but very expensive
Things get done in my town. Garbage is always removed on time, and snow is plowed during the winter. However, the roads are fixed at the wrong time and not always done well
We have a lot of local and county parks, but most of those are found more north. There are many public pools and playgrounds for children and hills to sled on during the winter.
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