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Greenbrier is a smaller town constantly growing and adding people to its population. Greenbrier has great school and education system. this town is also very safe, causing it to be very appealing to parents. I have been in Greenbrier since fourth grade and this small town has helped me through so much already.
I love greenbrier. Very safe place to live. I'd like to see more highways and schools built here. Everyone in my community is very nice and trustworthy. My kids have friends that are ideal and not from a bad crowd I love living here.
Greenbrier is the safest town in Faulkner county. Greenbrier has one of the nations top high schools. They were the first to offer an AA degree for graduating senior. They have many youth sport programs, as well as awesome opportunities through 4-H. Greenbrier is a beautiful place to live or visit.
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It's a small quite town with not much to do. It's also relativity safe but has little diversity. There's not much to do in town so you shouldn't expect big parks or malls or other shops of the like. There are no water parks or amusement parks. However we do have everything else your typical small town has such as plenty of banks or fast food places and a Walmart. The people here are also usually very religious so its very good for religious people to go here. The people here are usually very nice and people like to help out each other. The school is also one of the best in state and has high academic records for students. The school always tries to keep students on the right track and helps them in any way the can from providing food to providing extra time with teachers.
Greenbrier is a wonderful little town. There's plenty of services offered in town, but if you require more, it's a short drive to Conway or even Little Rock for bigger events. Greenbrier is also rated as the safest city in Arkansas.
Greenbrier is a wonderful and safe community. Greenbrier is growing rapidly and there are many new advancements coming soon.
Greenbrier is a town where everyone is pretty friendly. It is a clean town and they have plenty of food places to eat at. I believe that the town is a safe town to be in. The average drive time to get around in town is good.
The town of Greenbrier thrives off of community. To see the local businesses rally together to support the schools and give the students here a strong support system to work towards their goals and, of course, celebrate accomplishments along the way.
Greenbrier is your classic southern "small town." Everyone knows everyone and our town is centered around athletics, school functions, and church. Our town is steadily rising and has lots of potential. Greenbrier has amazing churches and neighborhoods. Greenbrier was recently awarded "Safest community." Greenbirer is a perfect place to be!
Great schools with plenty of opportunities and also the safest city in the state. Close to Conway where there are good choices for food, entertainment, and medical care. The school has a rivalry with Vilonia that is a staple of the town that should not be missed.
Greenbrier is a great little town there are few bad things that happen as far as home invasions and theft. It is a very friendly place to live and grow up. I could suggest for more healthy places to eat that poor people can afford.
I love Greenbrier, and how far the town has grown. I have lived here for six years now and it has grown a lot. Greenbrier has added many stores and fun things for the students that attend Greenbrier High School to do. Greenbrier has a big community that keeps expanding and growing; however with growth there must be some changes made. The traffic in Greenbrier is really bad especially after school lets out for the day. I think a round about at the schools biggest traffic jams would help with the traffic and accidents. Also, sidewalks would help benefit those who ride their bike to and from school and those who.
I love the town of Greenbrier, AR. It is very beautiful and well kept together. There are many new places to eat, there is a hotel, and there are nice boutiques and churches. Greenbrier is a very friendly place with a lot of welcoming faces.
I like how Greenbrier is a safe and close community where everyone knows eachother. Everyone is friendly and supportive and would come together to help one another. Its a great place for a family to settle. But, Id like to see there be more diversity.
Greenbrier is an ever growing town that still has a small town feel. It has one of the top schools in the state, if not the country. It has a variety of food options from big fast food chains to small country restaurants.
The feel safe in the town of Greenbrier. The town is small so it doesn't take long to travel from place to place. One problem is that just about every store is closed past a certain hour at night. Greenbrier has no 24-hour stores at the moment.
It's a nice and close knit community. Everyone knows each other and goes to church together. People will always help one another and give back to their community.
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I am really enjoying living here, I love country living and am glad I moved here. I hope to be able to buy a house and property.
I have lived in Greenbrier all my life and am more than satisfied with the town and the way I live. It is a small town that continues to grow and flourish. It's filled with people from all over, and you can always count on finding someone to help you out if you need it.
Very good place to live and raise a family. Very small town in the country so you have to commute but is a great place to live.
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