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I have lived in Green my entire life. As I have grown up more and more businesses have developed in Green. I have had a pretty good experience in Green. I usually feel safe in Green and I am not afraid to be somewhere by myself. Green has a pretty good school district as well. However, there are not many activities to do in Green, there are things around Green, but not directly in Green.
Green, Ohio is an environment in which many feel inspired to receive a higher education and use motivation to pursue their goals. The public school system believes in a progressive, safe education, and there are many events held in Green which promote safety and communal friendships. However, diversity and inclusion are a different story; our community is mostly white individuals who practice Christianity. Green is a safe area, but I would love to see more strides towards a diverse and inclusive culture.
The city of Green is a quiet suburb, with above average schools and parks. It's a place where community is really valued, and the yearly events continue to grow. It's conveniently located near an airport and between larger cities. Though the taxes are high, it's relatively affordable in other ways.
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The community is very progressive. Buildings are continuously being built in order to benefit the residents. The city is middle-upper class friendly. It is good for families with children because there is many places to take young children along with a good school system.
The community is quite safe and has lots of good organizations and events. It is very family-friendly.
Green is a very nice are for families and also recent college grads. It is quiet, but there is still a lot to do. The area is very safe and it is a great community for people of all ages. I highly recommend Green if you are looking around the area
I love Green! It’s such a quaint town with a big city attitude! It’s the suburban dream! It’s really becoming a real city! New neighborhoods, restaurants, stores, dealerships, roads, etc. It’s amazing for any family or single person
Great schools and growing metroplex! Definitely somewhere a young family can be comfortable raising children and growing a career.
An up and coming area with many great parks and nature to offer. They are adding a dog park in 2018, and plan to form a downtown district within the next few years. Definitely a place you want to live
A great small city, lots to offer. The school system is awesome. Lots of privet schools in the area. Plenty of restaurants around. Really nice public parks, plenty of fun community events. Good location easy drive for most commutes, right off the highway.
I love how close everything is and how everything just makes the area look inviting and close-knit. I moved here with my girlfriend and we were immediately attracted to the city. Our apartment is very close to all the grocery stores and restaurants. It is perfect for us as a young couple who are new to this area.
I love Green, I grew up here and half of my family lives here. I went to Green schools from a kid until middle school and have always had a good experience. It is a rapidly growing farm town turned city.
I was born and raised in Green so I've seen a lot of change in the 54 years I've lived here. Green has excellent schools and is highly desired. It's grown over the years while keeping it's small town feel.
The crime rate is low here. I always lock my doors when I leave the house or go to bed, but that's anywhere you live nowadays. I feel safe in my neighborhood. The only crimes really committed happen at the Super 8 motel off the highway. It seems that a lot of drugs addicts go there to meet up and overdose, but never anything violent.
I have lived in this area for most of my life and my grandparents have also lived here since 1968. A lot has changed here in the past 5 years. Green has always bee family oriented, but multiple businesses have built or moved here making it more appealing to couples or singles as well as adults with kids. Green is one of the top rated school systems in stark county among the neighboring Lake school district. The highway is located 10 minutes from anywhere so it's a quick drive to Belden or downtown Akron which means Kent Stark and Akron U are also withing a 20 minute drive. My husband and I are looking to buy a home in this area because of the proximity to so many businesses, the great school system and the all age friendly environment it produces.
Visibility of police is great, I live close to them
I have some of the friendliest neighbors in Green
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I feel very safe in this area. Police are always on top of things.
I really like the area I live in. There are a lot of new restraints and shops opening up. It is a safe and beautiful place to live.
In my area of green i never notice any crime.
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