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I have lived here for almost 20 years and I can honestly tell you Great Falls is not a good place to live and raise a family . Every town has problems and crime of course but this place is so corrupt and backwards. Full of drugs , alcohol, crime , the city doesn't care about local businesses and makes it very difficult for them. Great Falls has the highest property crime rate in the state. Very few good job opportunities, most local shops are seriously struggling to stay a float . I owned a small business downtown for 7 years and opening in Great Falls was the worst mistake I made . I see posts from retired military on here who haven’t even lived here for the past 15 years, why are you posting ? You don't live here and have no real idea what the actual day to day life is like. I have lived in several other counties and Major cities. People are not very friendly here.
My husband and I were both stationed in Great Falls 20 years ago from 1996-2003. My missile job made life miserable and town had extremely low amenities. Since then we have visited with fresh eyes; wow there have been improvements. My husband is finally retiring from the Air Force and we are returning as permanent residents this year although we are originally from CA and TN; we just love the state and can now enjoy the countryside.

People complain about GF being small and the weather. You obviously have never lived in Minot, ND. It's smaller, much worse for weather, low
amenities, and very poor food quality. So GF has some crime and drugs, so does everywhere else. Try living in Las Vegas, Nashville, and San Antonio or San Diego. People need to get out more and get some perspective.
Lived here since 94 Same old , Same old . Nothing new in GF no good jobs , food , night life , no culture except western art . Close to the outdoors is a lie , the damn wind never stops blowing and beating the crap out of you . This town is focused on the ELDERLY not the young or anything in between . Recently we had a woman get abducted while walking home and a Casino full of people that was shot up with several dying and the cops killing the shooter on my kids school play ground . Ya Great place to live and raise a family ! NOT !!! I am trying to move asap
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There are neighborhoods that are safe to raise small children in, especially because this is a community driven town. There are certain places that are unsafe to be, one of which is the downtown area in which families visit. There is a rising heroin and alcohol issue among college aged individuals. This is a good place to retire or to raise small children in, but not accommodating for teenagers, young adults or minorities.
For a smaller town, Great Falls has a lot to do. With a wonderful local symphony, year round community band concerts, and many downtown activities there is something for everyone. A friendly atmosphere and lots of quaint and homey restaurants are sure to make visitors and regulars feel at home.
I have been stationed here in great falls for 3 years now and all I have to say is that it is great. I wish there were more fast-food chains that you would normally see in different states, but others that you get the small-town feel with a little more amenities.
Has so much potential, but only wants to be a retirement community for the airforce base. Jail is full. Homelessness now rampant. Local population isn't valued. Employers see employees as ungrateful expenses, wages don't keep up with the cost of living. Raising minimum wage = raised prices & rent so it's a wash. Many properties owned by out of staters charge according to there instead of here. Cheaper to buy, but City passes levys that are, "only the price of a cup of coffee". 14 cups of coffee/day later it's starting to fail. Artists paid in "exposure". Colleges now only offer nursing. Benefis is a monopoly & likes to claim it scored on a list of 100 best hospitals in 1 category when it scored in 100 worst in several categories. Resignation & misdirected anger leads to nothing, drugs, &/or suicide. Issues are deep & no easy fix, but everyone screams for bandaid solutions so it continues. Good points: High graduation rates, strong LGBTQ, Keyboard warriors hate cold.
Great Falls is great town to live in. It is located on the Missouri River. If you don't mind some wind and snow, it is great place to be. Great Falls has amazing people who are friendly and willing to help. There is a strong sense of community there. It is great place to raise a family. What I love the most about this town is truly the people. They will go out of their way to help you and make you feel welcome.
Great Falls is best known for drunk drivers and meth labs. The schools refuse to take action against bullying, and therefore the suicide rates are still on the rise.
I was born and raised in great falls. For me, its home. Its a very family oriented city, offering all types of outdoor and recreational activities.
Great Falls is a town of Montana and is a home to Malmstrom Air Force base. It gives the community diversity. People of different ethnicities come to Great Falls because of the military. Also, the town of Great Falls is quiet and is low on crime. Outdoor activities are the most popular here. If you are into huge buildings, malls, and lots of people on the streets, a big city folf, this is not the town for you. We have small mall with few vendors. We do have 2 Walmart. Amd the town is very popular with casinos. Not casinos like Las Vegas but the type where each store or gasoline station has a slot machine. Though we also have casinos with poker games and the lots. All the other town are not too far away. Helena, the capital of Montana, is only an hour and a half driving. Nightlife is okay. We have few bars with live bands, we have bars that are more relax, but we also have ones that have dance floors.
Great Falls is a great place to have kids and grow up in. The school systems here are top-notch and provide many opportunities for kids of all ages. They have amazing support for kids with disabilities in the school system as well as those that just need a little extra help. All teachers go the extra mile to make sure that every child is getting what they need. Most neighborhoods are friendly and allow you to feel safe with your kid playing outside. Just a short drive away you can get to the river, mountains or lakes. Lots of options for those who love the great out doors!
The town has a lot to offer. There are a lot of small businesses here that are thriving. However, the crime rate is pretty high here and there is a lack of police in our state due to it being so rural. I would love to see the crime rate go down.
Ok, place to raise a family. Hit and miss on school quality, do your education on schools. Not a lot of family activities to do in town, unless you count the many casinos. Outside recreation is pretty good but you will have to drive to find it. You will have to drive to get the trees and mountains of Montana. Always windy. Cold winters sub zero winters and hot 100 degree summers. Usually, it seems to skip spring and fall. Lot of drugs, alcohol and child abuse happen here. We moved here for a job but we have been here for 5 years now and enjoy it but it is definitely not where we want to stay permanently.
I like that although Great Falls is a small town there are many opportunities for single parents like myself. The community is smaller than what I'm used to but isn't too small. Living is affordable and there are multiple career choices available.
Your average military base town. Rent is high because property management can charge whatever they want because of BHA. But it really isnt bad compared to a lot of other places. Lots of work to be had if you are willing to work.
I've lived here my whole life. It's a blackhole for me, no matter how much I try to leave I get pulled back because my family lives right outside of Great Falls. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I appreciate what is here food, entertainment, nature and etc but I don't appreciate the "bums" harrassing me for money, ciggarettes etc. Literally chasing me down the street yelling profane things and putting curses on me haha. If people would stop enabling them that would be great... speaking as a drug addict in recovery stuck living downtown until I graduate college with my LAC😂
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I like that Great Falls has great ethnic diversity and educational opportunities. I would like to see fewer drugs and more career opportunities. I also like the healthcare opportunities at the local hospital campus.
I like the safety, friendliness, and outdoor activities available in Great Falls. I would like to see more jobs opportunities.
Great Falls is 1% above the national economy. I like the town, but I'd like to see better paying opportunities within the communities for the people.
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