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Its a very safe and welcoming environment. A small city but very nice looking. This city has a day to celebrate and its called Grayson Day at Grayson Park. The whole community comes out to the parade in the morning and does not end till night. The school cheerleaders come out and perform for us and people set up tents to sell. There is even a Grayson race where kids sign up to run a marathon for the community to cheer them on. This day keeps the community well connected and very family oriented.
from a teenagers stand point, there is nothing to really do without a car and a good group of friends. you can make anything fun; however, it does get really boring if you try to stay in the city. about 30 min each way to the closest malls. 40-50 mins to atlanta. stone mountain is 30 min away. basically you need a car.
Acting as a general citizen of the Grayson community I enjoy the cleanliness of the area as there is little to no trash scattered about haphazardly. I also enjoy the many community activities and opportunities that can be found posted and advertised around Grayson. I would like to see a more emphasized traffic system including a few more signs and possibly crossing guards. Overall, Grayson is a wonderful place to live with many opportunities waiting to be explored.
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As a current resident in Grayson, I have seen the city change drastically. Since the early 2000's, Grayson has funded for new schools that were in close proximity to new homes/apartments. I am for one thankful of this upgrade because I got to grow up in a safe environment that not only pushed you to be the best in school but inoverall. However, as ye life ars passed I started to feel anxious and unsafe in my own neighborhood. If I could have the peace of mind knowing I am secure it would be much appreciated.
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My family and I have only lived within our house for the past 2 years but we have loved it. From the layout of our actual house, to our neighbors, and the community club house, we find it cozy and relaxing. My parents are especially in love with our neighborhood and have decided on permanently residing in our current house which says something because we have moved to about 7+ house in my lifetime alone. I just hope whomever reads this will find the same happiness that we did in Westfield Reserves.
Small town feel in the center of everything. Lots of shopping, activities and parks. Very well upkept. Pride is shown in this city.
Grayson is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very boring place
I like the area , cost of living is good, lots to do for families, close to the airport, an it is growing community. For a long term life. This is great area to raise a family.
We raised our kids here. The parks and recreation were a great place for us to get to know people. Went to church here and met some amazing people that have been friends for 18 years now. The schools, from Pre-K, Elementary, Middle and High School, were all amazing. Everywhere we go in Grayson, we know someone. Love the community feel.
Grayson is a great place to grow up I can easily say I have no bad memories here.People are very friendly and everything that is possibly needed can be found in this town.
Grayson is a great city for raising children and starting a family. It is very quiet and has a low crime rate. Traffic is mild and there are stores and things to do around the city.
I've grown up in Grayson and have lived there for 22 years. It's a great rural area with plenty of job and school opportunities. The only downside would be that there's not much of a nightlife for any young adults. Otherwise it's a great place to settle down with a family and start a life for yourself.
The neighborhood I live is very comfortable and friendly. There’s is no crime and the neighbors are very nice. I love living here.
As of recent, the area has grown and as a result, more stores and restaurants have moved in. However, because of this, there has been a significant increase in traffic and many areas have become crowded.
Grayson is a nice, small town. It's very family-friendly and the schools are great. There are a lot of places where new retail spaces and new homes are being built. There are also very nice restaurants in the heart of the city. Grayson is a great place to raise kids.
Grayson is a growing town surrounded by other wonderful cities. There is a small town feel among the residents. The school provide adequate education, as well as events and opportunities for the community at large to be involved in.
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Public schools are extremely crowded. Lots of new homes- all the time. Very raise-some- kids kind of place.
I like that you have a little bit of everything near you and not that far away, but there are so many neighborhoods and so many that are being built that they take away the nature of the area. Aside from the parks, which are also quite nice, the absence of nature makes it seem like it will eventually become a city like place and not suburban. As a side note, it is quite a community centered town because we have our own parade called the Grayson Day Parade and the local high school, boy and girl scout troops, and other organizations are featured, which really help bring us all together as a community. Overall it is a nice place if you like suburban areas and a strong community feeling.
Grayson is a a great place to live in. It is safe and people here are very friendly. Now they are building more houses and building which increase job opportunity for unemployed.
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