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Quiet little town that is starting to grow. Town is very small and there are a lot of remote areas for personal reprieve.
Granite is the small town that very seems to grow. Everyone knows everyone and growing up you become a family. Granite has an old mining town feel to it with most of its original infrastructure but it’s a minute from mountains with rich history and a mile from almost any major city.
Granite Falls is a small country town nestled in the north cascades with waterfalls ice caves beautiful rivers and a community of residents who care about the youth, each other and providing a safe place to live.
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Granite Falls is a quiet logging and outdoor enthusiast town in the Pacific NW. My wife and I purchased a new home here about three years ago. One thing we really love about this town is that we feel safe letting our kids walk around town, whether its from school to home, or to the park or the local Boys and Girls Club. Everywhere you look, kids are riding their bikes or playing ball at the park.
I was raised in a small town and moved out here with hopes and dreams of a similar upbringing for my children. (That lasted about 6 months) As well as the local hiking and river adventures that would be more available to us on a daily basis! That aspect is wonderful! It is gorgeous out here! There are some very nice people here, as there are in any town.
I am looking forward to moving away someday, soon! Horrible things happen out here and it is ignored or the appropriate actions for reconciliation are not available in a timely manner. Especially at the Granite Falls High School, ridiculous! The other schools I have had good experiences at, so far.
( Mountain Way Elem., Monte Cristo Elem., Granite Falls Middle School and Crossroads High School)
The theft/crime rate and drugs are also ridiculous out here. People must know the response time with the SCSO. The good thing is, you can see the effort to clean it up. We will see how the housing boom effects this small rural town.
I love our small town community. Everyone rallies together and supports each other. There are always the few that are negative, but the vast majority really band together for everything from crises to kid's sporting events. Our school district employees really love our kids and invest in them even after they are out of their classes.
I love the community atmosphere in my town. We may have been labeled "The Meth Capital of The World" by the rolling stones, but that is far from the truth. While just like any other town, drugs are a problem many students face but students also see understanding people and loving friendships every day here in Granite. All my life I have been able to see Granite Falls evolve and grow into a tight-knit community where most everybody knows everybody. Granite Falls is a great place to live.
It is very beautiful and scenic here in Granite
could be a lot better
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