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It's a pretty safe area filled with friendly neighbors and people. The resources are easily accessible and the education systems are amazing!
Grandville is pretty nice, Rivertown Crossings Mall is located here with many options for dining in and out of it around the are.
Love Grandville. Everyone is friendly. Lots of places to eat and many parks to walk your dog. Also there are two nail salons in Grandville that are both bomb.
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This is a very good place to live, especially if you have kids. Everyone here is very friendly, and really makes you feel safe and welcome here.
I like how nice and caring and respectful everyone is. All of the neighbors here are really nice and friendly, and it makes it a very safe place to live.
I really enjoy living in Grandville. It is a great place to raise a family and has lots of great opportunities for a small city.
One thing that I love about Grandville is the 4th of July Parade. This parade is nationally renound and we even had Mike Pence the Vice President of the United States comes for one year. Grandville really creates a community with its schools and events that happen year-round in which there is something for everyone.
I have lived here all my life and I couldn't think of a better place to live. It's right in between Grand Rapids and Holland so you can get the best of both worlds by having a big city and a lake town on either side.
It is a very homey town. The events here have a lot going on and many people show up. I would say it is very safe here, but I live more on the "older" side of Grandville. Many people also keep to themselves, which is why I think it is very safe.
Grandville is a growing community, but it still has that small town feel. We have a fantastic K-12 school system with a STEM focus. Our Robotics program in Grandville Schools is one of the largest in the country. We have great shopping and dining experiences. Grandville is only minutes from Grand Rapids, which offers a many more amenities. Lake Michigan is only a short drive away.
I enjoy the affordability of the area and the friendships I have developed with my neighbors. There are paved trails nearby to use for running, biking and roller blading and the commute time to work is less than 20 minutes
Great city! Lots of great festivals and a homey, welcoming atmosphere. It's a safe area filled with great people.
What I like about Grandville is that it is a very neat place of abode. It has a variety of shopping complex and you got a lot of choices to make from wherever you go. The public service is unique, like the transportation services. Which is very affordable to it's residents. The transportation is special, because it goes and passes across a lot of places that bikes may not like to reach. The recreational services at Grandville is also a unique feature, because they are some parks that provide ice-cream and free books for kids. It is a lovely experience!!! The weather at Grandville is also outstanding. Most times it is sunny and later it rains, which cools the atmosphere that makes it habitable.
Grandville is an up and comping town that is developing a lot. It provides lots of shops and a mall with plenty of other activities to do. Their are also some very nice neighborhoods to live in that provide good homes for families and a good school district.
I have lived in Grandville my entire life. My house sits right next to the line between Hudsonville and Grandville. Since my grandparents live in Hudsonville, I have a lot of memories from both towns. My house also lies in Georgetown Township. As a little kid, my mom would take my siblings and me to the township beach. We would also go on a lot of walks with my grandma through Hudsonville. My favorite place to go with my grandma was to Keegstra's Dollar Store in Hudsons. ville. We would walk there together and then she would give each of us one dollar to pick out something to take home.
There are so many things to do and places to eat. You will never run out of places to go! There are several grocery stores, dog parks, and great apartments to choose from that are not too expensive for being so close to Grand Rapids.
I love the people of Grandville and the community in general. I would love to see more community events though.
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I enjoy living here! The new mayor is fantastic. I like that the community comes together when needed.
I like that Grandville officals works to improve the community and provide public services to its members. I wish they would do more to attract a more diverse population.
Although the school districts are really good and achieve great things, there is a lack of diversity and the community feels very conservative.
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