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Downtown Grand Rapids needs to have more police presence. Way to many beggars and homeless walking around. Honestly we were surprised how little amount of people were out walking around, especially at night. Probably because it’s not safe. Beautiful city, seems to have lots of growth, just needs to improve police and security. Not one security person was on the elevated walkway between the Amway Grand Hotel and the Arena! Not a safe place.
I have lived in Grand Rapids pretty much my whole life. it is a great place to raise a family. Although, not much diversity and not much of a night life. The city is growing so those things might change!
Love it here! Great place to raise a family. Everything is spread out so you might have to drive a bit before getting to the more shop-filled part of town (coffee shops, ice cream, pizza, library, etc) but many houses are within biking distance. Very strong Forest Hills school district presence as well, and there are great sports organizations (MVP, Midwest FC, YMCA, Fitbody, etc.). The Woodland Mall is a bit far but under 30 minutes and the Riverpointe outdoor mall is closer.
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Grand Rapids has amazing night life. Plenty of places to eat and shop. The colleges are close and some what inexpensive. There us an abundance of public transportation.can be busy and traffic can be awful but other wise, a wonderful city.
Grand Rapids is a GREAT place to live. Friendly people, great economy, and fun community. Great place for kids, lots of things to do with the family. Food and entertainment is awesome. Plenty to love about this city.
Unique city to live in, celebrates all cultures and is incredibly inclusive. A town for every one, theres many restaurants, bars, museums, parks, breweries and more.
I love everything about grand rapids its not too big but theres lots to do. I always feel safe and there is reasonable commuting times to multiple colleges amd universities. It is also close to Lake Michigan and has many beautiful parks. It is also a very dog friendly city.
Grand Rapids has a lot to offer. It is a half hour drive from Lake Michigan, has some fantastic venues for concerts and expo’s, and has festivals on many weekends. There are activities for all ages . For the size of the city, traffic isn’t bad. Also there are 5 colleges located in or around Grand Rapids. The downtown area is full of activity on especially on weekends. There is a high demand to live in the downtown area and new construction is going on constantly to keep up with this demand. Also very big in the Arts. One of the big highlights in the Fall is Art Prize, an art competition that brings in artists from all over the world. There is also a fantastic garden and sculpture park. Great place to live!
I feel safe in Grand Rapids, and it is an overall friendly city. There are amazing places to go in the city, and also beautiful nature parks. Grand Rapids is only a short distance from Lake Michigan - a great place to visit in the summer and even in the winter. It is not too big of a city, which I like, but it is big enough to have great options for shopping and eating out. It is altogether a great place to live.
Grand Rapids is currently experiencing rapids growth. There are always new restaurants, coffee shops, and local businesses to explore.
Grand Rapids used to be a great place to be, but has been spiraling over the last few years. Crime rates are increasing. Number of homeless people living in Grand Rapids has been increasing. I feel less and less safe as years go by.
I love the variety of things in Grand Rapids: restaurants, theater, and shopping. However, I do not like how expensive it is to love downtown.
I hate west Michigan it's a horrible place to live and raise a family, I hate it even more now that I have spent a few years out of state in various places, and realizing how west Michigan is uniquely snobby. Most places don't function like that. It's not their nature but it is west Michigan's. There is a strong Calvinist and Christian reformed mentality in the area and it's not pretty. Most of the people are uptight, irritable, arrogant and self righteous. This is also a very boring area if you like adventure. I don't believe most here do, it might liven their dead spirits which they would see as a tragedy or in other words a sin. And no you don't want to raise your kids here, there is so much better out there and they deserve better. I am moving out of state as soon as I can and living in west Michigan is one mistake I will make sure to never make again.
Grand Rapids is a growing city with numerous opportunities and there are amazing communities everywhere that work with schools and families.
This is my third year living in grand rapids. I love living here, the city is very family oriented and I feel very safe here. Downtown growth, great diverse restaurants, and community, bike trails, museums, ArtPrize, Meijer Gardens, good public transportation have made Grand Rapids a great place to live and raise a family. In addition this there are lots of supermarkets, hospitals, care center, schools, parks on every side of the city. There are lots of job opportunities for both educated and ill-educated people because of companies like Steelcase, Amway, Dematic and many more and local business.
Homelessness is the only thing that the City should be improving. I know that it's impossible to completely eradicate homelessness but every time I visit downtown I encounter at least one homeless people.
Grand Rapids is a great city, there is always a lot going on. There are things for all ages to do. Grand rapids is full of many great places to eat, and cool places to see. It also a good distances from other major cities in Michigan.
Grand Rapids has lots of entertainment options from shopping to concerts and more. The only downside is the traffic.
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Grand Rapids has grown immensely in the past couple of years and is a great place to live. There is an increasing number of great restaurants and activities in a city that isn't too big or too small. The city is overall very safe and has many attractions including Frederik Meijer Gardens, museums, ArtPrize, and it's only a 40-minute drive to Lake Michigan. I have loved growing up in Grand Rapids as it is a truly great city with great people.
Where I am living on campus here at college is awesome!! I have the greatest time here being involved with community, divine in my faith, and making new comers feel welcomed is what we do best here at Kuyper College. Very clean, location is very well kept clean.
Grand Rapids is an okay place to live. A lot of the people here aren't really your friends and they will switch up and act like they don't know. A lot of the people here will do you wrong and not care about your feelings, but if you find the right circle of friends and have fun with them, its a good place.
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