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Grand Junction, Colorado is the perfect town. It is not top big and not too small. We are surrounded by mountains on all 4 sides which means we get the best of the weather. It is not too hot and not too cold. We are right in between 2 major cities, Salt Lake City Utah and Denver Colorado. But not close enough that we get all the high crime volumes as a major city. This is an amazing place to live.
There is almost nothing to do in the city. After you go to 10 places there is no where new and fun to go. Also there are too many people that either get stabbed or shot in out town.
I feel welcomed by this community even though I'm a college student. I like the variety of different activities and artistic functions. There's a nice farmers market, a small downtown area, places to go both hiking and swimming.
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Grand Junction is surrounded by beautiful mountains and outdoor activities. The location is great and so are the people.
Grand Junction is a lovely place for people with families or those who enjoy being outdoors.
It has proven difficult to get hired for mini-wage job, and if you do get hired it will most likely be for part time. Add in the factor a handful of the stores in the mall are closing or closed down.
There's not much diversity in the town. Only when your at the college, will you see a few different types of people.
The older section if GJ is beautiful. Their main street/ downtown area is gorgeous. Small businesses line the street, tasty restaurants
.very reasonable prices. Scenery breath taking!
Grand Junction is part of the grand valley, an excellent place for those who love to be outdoors and active. Whether you love climbing, hiking, biking, rafting, snowboarding, etc., there is something for everyone. I highly recommend this area.
Grand Junction sits in the high desert of Western Colorado. You'll experience a variety of lifestyles including outdoor enthusiasts and rodeo stardom. The demographic is full spectrum from families with small children to college students and the retired. If you're creative, there is plenty to keep busy!
Not really sure why but half the people here give the appearance of being homeless, drug addicts and smell terrible. Maybe I was just in the bad part of town but not really a fan.
Visited Grand Junction in 2018 to access Utah for hiking. It was a nice little town. The two stars I removed was because of all the blatant racism from one demographic: old White men. We had no issues with women or either sex of people under 50 or 60. These racist people would stare us down and come right up to us. And then you would say hello's just awkward at this point. They would then shoot you a dirty look and move on. Other than that, love how close the airport is to everything and they had a nice little park called Eagle Rim. This little town is short of nothing: from Walmart to Subway. We had no traffic and the weather in the spring was excellent!!
Lots of things to do outdoors for families with older children but not much to do with small children. Would love to see more offered for small kids but the outdoor/athletic options are great for adventure seekers.
Grand Junction is a a great town for retirement or outdoors activities. With the colorado river running through the heart of the town, the bookcliff mountains in the North, the Colorado National Monument in the south, the Grand mesa in the east, and the open desert to the west it is the perfect play area.
The scenery is beautiful and the people are kind. There's lots to do if you're an outdoorsy person. There's just not much to do for night owls.
GJ overall is a very beautiful place to plan a retirement and raise kids but I, as a young adult, do not see myself retiring anytime soon nor having kids in the near future so my experience is just average. I would like the 81504 area to add more amenities for the younger crowd. It’s moving toward that direction already but has a ways to go. Thank you.
Everyone is miserable and has ridiculous amounts of mental issues. Most people I grew up with either killed themselves or killed other people I knew. Crime and drugs are extremely abundant. The worst place to let your kid grow up. Don’t go.
For the most part a great down then comes the night time downtown when the homeless and drugies come out.
Grand Junction has a ton to offer all ages. From hiking, skiing, to walking in the many parks, it is an outdoor persons dream.
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I love that there is so much to do outdoors in Grand Junction. They are an amazing community for mountain bikers, hikers and campers. They have many local hubs and hotspots on main street that are worth checking out.
I enjoy the city and closeness for outdoor activities. Downtown is pleasant for walking around, lots of parks in the city and a dozen hiking areas within an hours drive. Traffic near CMU is pretty chaotic, but its worth it for the amount of restaurants near there. Check out the visitors center and the local science muesum if you have kids, great fun.
Grand Junction used to be a place people came to retire and than the college turned into a university, it is a very beautiful area with lots of outdoor living. The schools rank low on the charts, the job opportunities are terrible unless you are a medical professional than there are two large hospitals in the area. One of the biggest downfalls of the area is there are not many activities for children.
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